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Conversational AI Friend Anya

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Conversational AI Friend Anya pour iPhone est un divertissement jeu spécialement conçu pour être complet jeux jeu.

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Anya: A Playful and Intelligent Companion!

-- Featured by Apple
-- Over 4,000,0000 Little kids ( even babies ) love to dress, feed and play with Anya and her puppies.

Meet Anya, the delightful and interactive girl who brings endless fun and learning to you. As a charming doll and a trusted friend, Anya engages with you through a voice interface. Simply say "Hey Anya," and she'll be all ears, ready to embark on a magical adventure with you. After that unless there is silence for a minute, she will engage with you without needing any wake prompts.

Endless Entertainment and Learning: Anya is a treasure trove of knowledge on various topics and loves to share stories, jokes, and riddles. She's the perfect conversation partner, engaging you in informative discussions. Just ask her questions like "Hey Anya, tell me about the planet Jupiter" or "what is an atom?" and watch as her wit and wisdom captivate young minds.

Playtime Galore: Anya's playful spirit knows no bounds! You can enjoy a variety of games with her, from dressing her up and styling her hair. Play with her adorable puppies. Five cute little pups await cuddles and fun interactions. Feed them, teach them tricks, and dress them up - they'll love you back!

You can ask her things like:
“Pet your puppies”
“Can you dance?”

Free and Premium Features: The free version grants a minute of delightful interaction with Anya, the chance to play games and change her outfit. Unlock the full magical experience with a monthly subscription, granting unlimited access to all features, including extended chat time with Anya.

Explore Realistic Interactions: Anya's lifelike interactions add a touch of magic to the experience. Tap her feet, and she'll dance; touch or swipe her belly for a ticklish reaction. Want to see a funny face? Just tap her nose! Even the maracas come to life in her hands. Plus, she can repeat whatever you say, creating delightful conversations.

Caring for Anya: Take on the role of a loving caregiver by feeding Anya cupcakes (but not too many!), offering her favorite strawberries, and changing her hairstyles and accessories.
Join Anya's World Today! Anya is lovingly crafted for kids of all ages, making her an ideal companion for everyone. Experience the joy of two-person play with Anya and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. Download the app now and let the enchanting journey begin!

We'd Love to Hear from You: Have questions or suggestions? Reach out to us Enjoy your time with Anya!

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What users are saying:

** What we ( The iMums ) love… The puppies – especially teaching them to do tricks, all the different dress up options, Anya repeating what the child says, the seasonal packs. .. **** ..

** "I got this for my granddaughter, but I think I play with Anya more than she does." -- Shovgal

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