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Smart Healthcare 24/7 Doctor Access and Health Tools

4/7 access to healthcare: book appointments and talk to doctors

Babylon pour iPhone est un médical application spécialement conçu pour être complet santé application.

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Babylon brings your entire healthcare journey into one simple platform, for a seamless experience like no other.

Access all-in-one healthcare with select health plans, at no cost to you. Talk to a doctor or nurse, book video appointments with your healthcare provider, and utilize smart tools that help you stay healthy.

• 24/7 access to healthcare: book appointments and talk to doctors
• Seamless referrals to specialists, pharmacists, and mental health professionals
• Proactive health monitoring: track health and receive personalized insights
• Check symptoms: our AI-powered symptom checker can help with potential condition identification

Download the Babylon app and enter the code from your health plan to get started.


Babylon’s free self-care tool My Health helps you understand your health state and how it might change in the future. It uses data collected from wearables, in-app assessments, and health records to manage your health, alert you of potential risks, and share recommended steps toward becoming a healthier you.


Use our AI-powered tool to analyze your symptoms, potential causes, and get recommendations on possible next steps⁠. It can identify most issues that your primary care doctors can see.


Seeing a provider with Babylon couldn’t be simpler with virtual doctor’s visits available anytime, anywhere. To book an appointment, select ‘Appointments’, choose a time that suits you, and pick your slot. Members can also use our 24/7 chat function to get navigational help without having to book an appointment.


Get seamless referrals to the in-person specialists you need. They’re US board-certified and handpicked to help you get the best care, including doctors of oncology, cardiology and more.


Track important health data in the Babylon app for a holistic overview of your wellbeing, and receive personalized insights that help you stay healthy. Live metrics that you can track include body fat, blood pressure, caffeine consumption, meditation minutes, BMI, standing time and more. Members can now sync other health related apps and devices for easy tracking.

MENTAL HEALTH & THERAPY (Select Health Plans)

Access therapy and psychiatry services for addressing mental health issues, as well as prescriptions where necessary. Our telemedicine services make it easier to seek help for anxiety, depression, and more. Only available for select health plans. Please check with your health plan for eligibility.


For members with chronic conditions, including type 2 diabetes, mental health conditions, and alcohol use disorder, Babylon provides clinician-led journeys that include: enhanced remote patient monitoring, alerting, and clinical interventions as necessary.


Take advantage of the above services through the Babylon app at no cost through select health plans in the following states: New York, California, Missouri, Iowa, Nevada, Mississippi, Georgia and New Mexico. Your health plan will notify you if Babylon’s telemedicine services are covered. Please check with your health plan to see if you are eligible and for the applicable code. Questions about plan eligibility? Please contact the Babylon support team at 800-475-6168 or [email protected].


You can still get exclusive access to some of our handy features for free—including our self-care tool My Health, plus our Symptom Checker.

Download the free Babylon app today, and take control of your health.

Connect your existing health apps, such as HealthKit, to manage your health in one place.

En rapport: Ballad Health: When you download the Ballad Health app to your mobile device, you get immediate access to secure online healthcare features, such as MyChart, guest bill pay, and Ballad Health Connected CareTM telehealth services

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Télécharger Babylon gratuit pour iPhone et iPad

Pour télécharger les fichiers IPA, suivez ces étapes.

Étape 1 : Téléchargez l'application Apple Configurator 2 sur votre Mac.

Notez que vous devrez avoir installé macOS 10.15.6.

Étape 2 : Connectez-vous à votre compte Apple.

Vous devez maintenant connecter votre iPhone à votre Mac via un câble USB et sélectionner le dossier de destination.

Étape 3 : Téléchargez le fichier Babylon Fichier IPA.

Vous pouvez maintenant accéder au fichier IPA souhaité dans le dossier de destination.

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