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Brainsparker Creativity Coach pour iPhone est un éducation application spécialement conçu pour être complet productivité application.

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Unleash the power of your creative brain to solve problems, overcome blocks, and spark brilliant ideas. Join hundreds of thousands of creatives, coaches, facilitators, and managers across the globe who are using our app to improve idea generation, team creativity, mind mapping, brainstorming, creative writing, art, design, and professional development.

Built on the neuroscience of "associative thinking," our card decks give your brain the jolt it needs to make new connections and generate fresh ideas. Our thought-provoking coaching questions, words, quotes, and images are the perfect triggers to unlock the power of your creative brain. And our new micro-courses will help sharpen your creative mindset, skills, and techniques.

It's like having your own creativity coach on call 24/7

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New York Times, Forbes, My Modern Met, Boston Globe, Fox News, Design Milk, Creative Bloq, MakeUseOf, Entrepreneur, Irish Times, Metro, British Council, Financial Management, CIO Magazine

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• Activate Deck - coaching questions for better problem-solving
• Disrupt Deck - random prompts to trigger new perspectives
• Inspire Deck - creativity quotes to fuel your creative mojo
• New Year Deck - powerful questions to create compelling goals
• Kids' Deck - fun and creative activities for the kids

• Schedule up to three daily spark notifications
• Add our widget to your home screen
• Download our Apple Watch app

• Our card decks are great for icebreakers, idea generation, and team-building sessions
• Hook your iPhone/iPad up to Zoom/MS Teams or a data projector
• Ideal for coaches, managers, trainers, teachers, and team leaders

• Explore our User Guides to discover innovative ways to use the card decks
• Use our micro-courses to upskill your creative thinking abilities

The brainsparker app was created in 2014 by a female founder with 20+ years of experience in executive coaching, creative thinking, and leading innovation. Our mission is to ignite the creativity of over one million people across the globe - to bring their ideas to life.

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"Cards that make you pause and ponder." ~ Forbes

"I love this app. It really gives you a lot of ideas and sparks your brain." ~ App Review

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Are you ready to take your creativity to the next level? Upgrade to the "vip pass" and get instant access to our specialist card decks and micro-courses. Plus, we're constantly adding new ones. Start sharpening your creative thinking skills today!


Card decks for journaling, coaching, fear-busting, mindfulness, affirmations, and creative icebreakers.

Card decks for brainstorming business ideas and asking "what if?" questions.

Card decks for blogging, creative writing, poetry, and developing characters, scenery, moods, dialogue, and plots.

Visual Arts:
Card decks for photography, design, and art projects.


Courses on divergent thinking and strategies to unlock your innovator's mindset.

Courses on the power of randomness and metaphors to think beyond the box.

Courses on the Disney and SCAMPER Models to spark fresh perspectives and brilliant ideas.

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"This app is so beneficial. It helps me when I get stuck or can't be motivated." ~ App Review

"Sometimes you need a bit of randomness to generate the right creative ideas." ~ Creative Bloq

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1. Brain Sparker App

2. Brainsparker

Est-ce bien?

Goddard International Limited a déployé des efforts et conçu un sophistiqué. coach ogiciel. Qu'est-ce qui fait son succès ? Il est très simple d'utilisation pour un tel solide éducation app avec intégré creative caractéristiques. Eh bien, en tant que application avec une note globale de 4.65 Je ne peux qu'ajouter ce que disent les personnes qui l'ont essayé.

now i don’t write reviews unless an app is REALLY GOOD, or REALLY bad. and i assure you, this is one of the good ones. better than good, actually. this is one of the BEST apps i’ve ever used. i’m a writer, and i was lacking motivation, so i downloaded this and was immediately (pleasantly) surprised. this was a game changer. there are all sorts of prompts (some of which you do have to purchase) that are really awesome for writing exercises. i only downloaded this tonight, and i’ve probably written down 5 poems in the past hour. it’s incredible for writer’s block. all of the prompts are very unique, and i haven’t seen any of them repeated yet. i bought the v.i.p pack (because i was so obsessed lol) and i’m convinced it was the best $2.99 i’ve ever spent. :) DOWNLOAD NOW, you will NOT regret it. <3333
This app is one of my greatest lifesavers. Being a young aspiring fanfic writer, I have to depend greatly on friends who have most likely never hear of the people I write about. Also, being a theater kid, I use music as a heavy inspiration for my stories. This app helps me set goals and keeps me on track with my stories. I would have no motivation without it. Writers’ block is normal, but annoying, and a free cure that works as well as this is a miracle! I do have one small suggestion that a lot of other people have, and that is having a way to unlock card packs, or maybe even an in-app currency to pay for them. Just something that doesn’t include real cash, please. Thank you so much!

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