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HKHS “Art in Estates” Art Map

Hong Kong Housing Society’s “Art in Estates” Art Map

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Hong Kong Housing Society’s “Art in Estates” Art Map

The Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) launches the “Art in Estates” Mural Painting Programme in its rental estates in 2018, to share the joy with the residents and the general public in celebration of its 70th anniversary. Miss Prudence Mak, the well-known illustrator, was engaged to design a series of colourful mural paintings based on the characteristics of individual estates and the theme of neighbourhood fraternity. With the participation of the HKHS’s staff and residents in painting the murals, the Programme has beautified the open space of the estates, while becoming a happy gathering occasion for the residents and their families.

All the mural artworks were consolidated to create a unique art map of the HKHS’s estates. Members of the public are welcome to visit our estates following this art map to understand more about the HKHS’s estates as well as to have a taste of the community bonding therein. In addition, a series of Photo Exhibitions will be held at different estates from June to August 2018. Old photos collected from residents would be featured at the exhibitions, as a recollection of their happy moments at HKHS’s estates. At the same time, DIY workshops will be organised for the residents of all ages to enjoy the fun of getting together.

Features of this App

Beautiful photo frames, sharing photos on social media profiles, viewing highlights of “Art in Estates” Mural Painting Programme and some information of the relevant estates through the embedded AR function on the art map.

The “AR Camera” in this App has to be used in conjunction with the “Art in Estates” Art Map”. Download at

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