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Run Fast, Be the Best !

Run Race 3D pour iPhone est un jeux jeu spécialement conçu pour être complet décontracté jeu.

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Best Free Running game.

Compete with others and get the real parkour experience.

Jump from wall to wall, climb ropes, slide to get faster, flip to jump higher , grab to swing, use monkey bars to not fall.

Never stop running!

There are dozens of maps and all require different set of skills.

Increase your ranking by beating your opponents. 
You can also customize your character; Skin, Clothing, Dance, and many more!

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Run Race 3D Jouabilité et wrocédure pas à pas critiques vidéo

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2. Run Race 3D - Gameplay Trailer (iOS, Android)

Est-ce bien?

Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS a déployé des efforts et conçu un sophistiqué. fast ogiciel. Qu'est-ce qui fait son succès ? Il est très simple d'utilisation pour un tel solide jeux game avec intégré caractéristiques. Eh bien, en tant que jeu avec une note globale de 4.65 Je ne peux qu'ajouter ce que disent les personnes qui l'ont essayé.

I like this game because it has cool things about it. You can get your skin. Some skins cost money not real money that I like coins that are in the game. There are more boy skins than girls and sometimes you have to get a lot of money for a girl skin. The bad things are that there are ads along there. A lot of skins cost points and I understand that but I don’t know if you guys really gets understand. I have a good time playing this game it is really fun. You can beat the first round go onto the second round the person in second place you race. It is a very interesting game I really like it and they are short round maybe your mom says to go to bed or do something else all fasteners. Sorry for my language it’s kind of hard I don’t know if some of these words. Thank you all for reading my message I hope you get this game is fun reading my thing my message but I hope you really enjoy it. If you want to know what to do if it asks you what’s your read it I will give it like an eight I mean a four out of five and I really like it. Again thank you for reading my message.
OK don’t give me wrong the game is fine but when you actually get to like the medium hard levels it’s not even hard plus on top of that like when you jump in if you don’t jump higher enough it makes you run all the way back and then he makes you go like start going in the direction you want to go but then before it makes you first in makes you go back instead of with the direction you need to go to win the game that gets super annoying plus on top of that it also makes to lose in who likes boozing on top of that if you want a game that you can like it not get heated over don’t get this game at all because this is a game that I get heated over and it makes me so angry plus on top of that why would would someone EVEN like make your runner fun the other wayyyy!!!! THATS SOOOOOOO Annoying and it gets me super upsettt

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Notez que vous devrez avoir installé macOS 10.15.6.

Étape 2 : Connectez-vous à votre compte Apple.

Vous devez maintenant connecter votre iPhone à votre Mac via un câble USB et sélectionner le dossier de destination.

Étape 3 : Téléchargez le fichier Run Race 3D Fichier IPA.

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