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TOGGLE またはiPhoneはです ファイナンス アプリ フル機能を備えた特別に設計された ビジネス アプリ.

Winner of the Best Financial Research Company in Benzinga's Global Fintech Awards

"Toggle is the Bloomberg Terminal for retail provides AI-powered news alerts, analysis, and market insights." - Benzinga

Hundreds of ideas on US stocks, generated by AI. Each insight is easy to understand and jargon free. Detailed projection charts help you plan entry and exit points. Fully backtested and transparent analysis.

Pull up a stock to see everything actionable that TOGGLE AI has found. Has its momentum signaled a rally in the past? Have current analyst revisions historically been meaningful to the stock price? TOGGLE provides a 360 degree view of any asset.

Instantaneous alerts when TOGGLE finds insights you need to know about. Once you set up your watchlist or connect your portfolio, get alerts on your names.

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Knabble Inc. ("TOGGLE") email briefings, newsletters, alerts, insights, and similar publications "Publications" do not reflect any opinions of TOGGLE or its affiliates. Publications are meant for informational purposes only, are not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security in a brokerage account or any platform, and are not an offer or sale of a security nor an endorsement or advertisement of the same. While TOGGLE seeks to ensure the accuracy of the information it presents, it has no obligation and shall not be liable for errors in any data, information, or Publications accessible through TOGGLE products or services.

All investments involve risk and the past performance of a security or financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. TOGGLE is not a broker-dealer nor an investment adviser, and makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, and disclaims any and all warranties with respect to any information accessible via any TOGGLE Publications or TOGGLE data.

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TOGGLE SOFTWARE SERVICES UK LTD. 努力を重ね、洗練されたを設計しました。 investing ソフトウェア。 何が成功するのですか? そのような固体のために非常に使いやすいです ファイナンス アプリ 組み込みの sidekick 特徴。 さて、最高のパフォーマンスとして アプリ 全体的な評価はです4.57 私はそれを試した人が言っていることだけを追加することができます。

Love the app — helpful touchpoint for market insights that are more important than ever. Thank you, Toggle!
I normally use Toggle on desktop but I really enjoy the mobile app, especially with this update.

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