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Shuffle -Digital Business Card

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Shuffle -Digital Business Card またはiPhoneはです 生産性 アプリ フル機能を備えた特別に設計された shuffle アプリ.

Meet Shuffle: Mobile Marketing Simplified
What began as a simple virtual business card has evolved into a complete mobile marketing solution for small business owners. Build your brand, share your message, and watch your business grow, with Shuffle.

Use with your existing Elify Shuffle account.

Build simple and beautiful mobile landing pages for all your marketing needs. Our virtual business cards act more like mobile landing pages because of all the features we consider standard. Each page is SSL secure, which means you never have to worry about having the right landing page. Better yet, each account comes with 10 virtual cards, with the ability to upgrade to 100 virtual cards. With that many cards, you’ll never be without the right message again. Want a completely custom landing page? Shuffle does that too! Users can provide custom designed content for a completely seamless look across all your platforms.

Why stop there? Truly captivate your audience - introduce yourself, share your info, highlight your products and embed videos all on one easy to access webpage.

Sharing your message and getting your brand out there is easier than ever before. Experience a simplified proximity marketing solution when you activate Wave on your Shuffle account. Wave is the Elify proximity marketing solution you didn’t know you needed. Advertising doesn’t need to be the hardest part of building a business, nor the most expensive. Proximity marketing allows you to reach your customers when and where it matters most. When paired with your Shuffle cards, enjoy the benefits of completely trackable campaigns, gaining real time performance metrics that can be used to optimize any campaign in an instant.

Grow your business with follow-up and analytical tools to optimize your relationships. Easily stay in touch with the people who matter most when you utilize follow-up and reminder notifications directly in Shuffle. Leave notes for your next encounter and be confident that you’ll never let an opportunity slip through the cracks again!

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