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Your Prepaid card, in an app.

View balances & transaction history

CUMONEY Mobile またはiPhoneはです ファイナンス アプリ フル機能を備えた特別に設計された ビジネス アプリ.

CUMONEY Mobile is new and improved. Enjoy convenient, secure access to your credit union Everyday Spend and Visa TravelMoney prepaid cards right on your mobile device. Credit union members can easily check balances, view transaction history, deposit checks, and transfer funds from their credit or debit card.

Once downloaded, you can link the CUMONEY app to your specific TravelMoney or Everyday Spend card, giving you convenient, secure control of your finances wherever and whenever you want.

• View balances & transaction history
• Deposit checks with your phone’s camera
• Load money from your credit or debit card
• Visa ReadyLink locator for adding funds to your card
• Face ID login
• Suspend your card

For the CUMONEY mobile app, you will use your Prepaid Consumer Website (CWS) credentials.

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