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Bring your smart home’s water to life! With the Pentair Home app and range of connected home water management devices,


Pentair Home またはiPhoneはです ライフスタイル アプリ フル機能を備えた特別に設計された pentair アプリ.

Bring your smart home’s water to life! With the Pentair Home app and range of connected home water management devices, you’ll stay smart, connected and protected. Get instant status information and remotely monitor all your Pentair connected equipment, anytime, anywhere, for peace of mind at your fingertips.

The app lets you know when equipment or a condition needs attention, with instant status and alerts.*
Opt-in to have automatic alerts sent to your pro, helping to avoid unnecessary service calls*. And let Pentair, a leader in smart, sustainable home water solutions, get you wiser in the ways of water with tools, tricks, and tips you can trust.

The app is currently compatible with these Pentair connected products:

INTELLIFLO 3 VARIABLE SPEED PUMP*: The only pump with patented sensorless flow control and smart device control for optimal performance and efficiency.
INTELLISYNC POOL PUMP CONTROL: Affordable, easy-to-install smart device for control of your variable speed pool pump.
CHEMCHECK WATER QUALITY MONITORING SYSTEM*: Effortless, hands-free testing that keeps you on top of your pool water chemistry, monitoring pH, sanitizer performance & temperature.
INTELLICONNECT SYSTEM*: Get your pool swim-ready – no more trips to the pool pad to adjust equipment settings! Monitor, schedule and control up to five pool devices like pumps, heaters, lights and sanitizers.
PROWLER 930W ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER: Control your robot and clean your pool from anywhere. Features include spot clean, delayed start and fast clean.
COLORSYNC LED LIGHT CONTROLLER: Create dazzling light shows from seven existing themes and five colors. Compatible with all Pentair color LED lights.

HOME CONNECTED WATER SOFTENER: Available from your local independent water treatment professional. Have confidence your water softener’s running and your water is conditioned. Receive automatic alerts when it’s time to add salt.
CONNECTED SALT LEVEL SENSOR: Simple, don’t-forget-the-salt solution that clips into almost any brine tank in seconds, and alerts you when it’s time to add salt.

SMART SUMP CONTROLLER: Easy-to-install sump pump controller that monitors your sump pump system for common issues and takes corrective action.
SUMP PUMP SMART BATTERY BACKUP: Powerful plug-n-play battery operated unit to support your main sump pump system during power outages and pump failure.
TRILARM LEAK DETECTOR: Detects leaks, temperature changes & power outages anywhere a leak could occur.
DEFENDER WELL SYSTEM CONTROLLER*: Detects issues and sends alerts for common system problems like tank malfunctions and pump dry run. Includes Smart Shut-off. Compatible with many well systems.
INTELLIDRIVE WATER PRESSURE CONTROL CENTER*: Helps maintain strong, constant water pressure in your home, regardless of how many people or appliances are using water at the same time

From filter to flow, tap to pool, and shower to sump pump, Pentair cares about the water in your smart home. Insist on Pentair. Other connected Pentair Home products coming soon. Visit for more information.

The Pentair Home app supports most Apple mobile devices. Some features may not be supported in different smart devices. Some features require a working internet connection, WIFI and/or Bluetooth®. Use of app is subject to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

*Ability to get product alerts dependent on user opting in to receive alerts and also dependent on product feature availability. Ability to send information to professional available on selected products, is optional and subject to availability.

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1. Pentair Home App- Home Dashboard Overview

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Pentair, Inc. 努力を重ね、洗練されたを設計しました。 ソフトウェア。 何が成功するのですか? そのような固体のために非常に使いやすいです ライフスタイル アプリ 組み込みの 特徴。 さて、最高のパフォーマンスとして アプリ 全体的な評価はです4.19 私はそれを試した人が言っていることだけを追加することができます。

I love this App and how easy it is to control and monitor my pool equipment, especially when I am traveling. The dashboard is clear and easy to navigate and the functions are exactly what I need. I also contacted Pentair about an issue I had with my light not retaining the color setting and they responded very quickly with tech support to guide me through removing and re-adding the light in the App, and it resolved the problem. Overall, I am very happy with my Pentair products, this App, and the support. Great job guys!
I have a Pentair Intelliconnect that we have had for almost 4 years, this app is easier to maneuver and change settings than the original app that came with it. Also I was having some owner error technical difficulties (GFI had tripped) I checked the breaker but not the GFI, unit was not getting power. I emailed Pentair and they responded within 24 hours. I had since found my problem but I appreciate their response time and willingness to help me solve my issue. Highly recommend!

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