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Bloody Bastards またはiPhoneはです ゲーム ゲーム フル機能を備えた特別に設計された アクション ゲーム.


この記事では、について知っておく必要のあるすべてのことを説明しています Bloody Bastards, 無料でダウンロードしてインストールする方法を含む!

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以下は、使用方法の短いビデオです Bloody Bastards ために bloody 目的。 この をプレビューすることをお勧めしますゲーム ゲーム をダウンロードする前に作業してください。 Bloody Bastards.ipa.

1. Bloody Bastards - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 (iOS)



Tibith Ltd 努力を重ね、洗練されたを設計しました。 bastards ソフトウェア。 何が成功するのですか? そのような固体のために非常に使いやすいです ゲーム ゲーム 組み込みの 特徴。 さて、最高のパフォーマンスとして ゲーム 全体的な評価はです3.84 私はそれを試した人が言っていることだけを追加することができます。

When I first downloaded this game, I thought “ok this is pretty cool, a few weapons and a few levels to play, but I wish there was more”. Then as I played the levels, I realized that the levels didn’t stop and there were more weapons, armor, and overall customizations to unlock than I could have imagined. It was just about endless.. then I realized as I playing the hundreds of levels throughout the British empire, I realized… there was two more empires to go through with even more armor and weapons, and hundreds of other levels…. After playing through a few levels of those, I realized that there was multiplayer and I’m the absolute greatest fighter on this mobile game… then I realized I needed to write an expansive review for this expansive game. The End. W Game, W developers, W everything.
Super fun game lots of fun. There is definitely room for improvement. I would love to see more blood, more easier dismemberment, and more gruesome bloody combat. I’d love to see them make a gladiator game. They have the basics down very well just a few tweaks to the game it could be the next big thing. I’m actually very excited to see what they can produce in future updates and games. I highly recommend you play the game and you will see with small tweaks to it it could be very addicting. I would also like to see crowd reactions, like you have a nice cut or slash and the crowd reacts to it. Also when you stab your opponent they react more to it like scream you see blood pour out of where you stabbed. I’d give the current game a 9/10. I love the design of the game.
Great game, good looks, progression, fighting style, and range of weapons. Single player works well as just a “duel these guys, buy armor, fight harder guys” kind of game Does feel a bit grindy, but the fights are so fun it doesn’t matter. Maybe a bit of plot for our fighter could liven the game? Why is he fighting all these guys? What does he want? As for multiplayer, really looking forward to a ranked mode as people just quit sometimes when the fight gets too hard. One thing you could implement is a point system for armor and weapons, so if you load up on armor, you can’t have big weapons or vice versa; something to balance the game so that those who haven’t unlocked everything can still fight ranked and have a chance

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