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Volv – News in 9 seconds またはiPhoneはです ニュース アプリ フル機能を備えた特別に設計された 生産性 アプリ.

The anti-social media app.

Our super-app curates interesting content across cyberspace and delivers it to you in 9-second articles using AI.

“The Media Industry Needs To Pay Attention” - Forbes
“TikTok for news” - Business Insider
Also seen in The Information, Entrepreneur & more.

Welcome to the world of Volv. A digital detox that still keeps you updated on what’s happening without getting sucked into the social media vortex. It makes you feel intellectually stimulated while relaxing on an oasis of calm in this chaotic world. We capture the zeitgeist of this generation - like what’s the next IT shoe after the Adidas sambas? Or is micro-cheating really considered cheating? Is tween skincare a thing? What do europeans really think about Americans? What is the new dream job for everyone? We got you covered because we know what you’re going to read even before you do.

What you can expect on Volv:
• Read articles in 9 seconds
• AI generated content
• One article fits in one screenshot

Discover a plethora of cool 9 second articles:
• Interesting newsletters
• Latest hype trends
• Viral twitter discourse and TikTok hacks
• Breaking news from Huffington Post, CNN, The NY Times, The Washington Post, Vogue, People Magazine, Fox News, Smart News, Politico, Feedly, Vanity Fair and more

You can also dive deeper by tapping on ‘Check it out.’ We link out to Tweets, Instagram posts, videos, news articles, and even newsletters so you can get a clear understanding of the matter. This means you can now read your favorite newsletters from Substack to Morning Brew right here on Volv, instead of them clogging up your inbox. We know about those unopened subscriptions.

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