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Cruise Love Story -

Annie is on vacations for New Year Fun-time and has planned to travel on the luxurious cruise ship


Cruise Love Story - またはiPhoneはです ゲーム ゲーム フル機能を備えた特別に設計された 教育 ゲーム.

Annie is on vacations for New Year Fun-time and has planned to travel on the luxurious cruise ship! She better get ready with ticket and pack the bag to live the dream coming true. So First, lets dress her up for her first memorable cruise ship journey. OMG, a handsome guy is working on the same cruise as safe guard bay watch. Is this story going to be memorable for both of these form LIFE?

LOOK!!!! She is drowning in the pool! Could any one help her? Jacob is swimming fast to her! Thank god Jacob has saved her life! Jacob took Annie out of the pool and gave her artificial respiration and cardiac massage. Annie woke up & It look like Annie has already fallen into Jacob's love while feeling his lips on her. Annie wanted to thank Jacob. He asked incidentally for a movie night as regard. Should she say YES OR NO?

As they are going to the cinema finally, Jacob is taking good care to impress her out. Buy popcorn and soda for the movie time out from the near cinema tuc shop. Jacob is not taking any tension while paying at the cash register. Wear 3D glasses and give her the coat to remain warm while getting out of the cinema. They look so charming made for each other in the cinema Hall. Do they?

After so much time together, Annie and Jacob are feeling very positive for the love relation. A week later, they had a great date in the pool. They might fell in love with each other! So Jacob decided to propose her in the beautiful romantic blue moon cruise night dinner with violin playing in the background. Will she say YES to Jacob?

Dress her up with the wedding gown and make her queen of the night. Dress Jacob like the King of her dream. As now they gathered for the holly ceremony, both are very nervous. Will they kiss now as Husband & Wife? Decorate the cake for all the guests.

Do you want to witness the touching love story? Its FREE!!!


> Four Different Couples to choose

> Dress her up for Cruise Journey & Safe Guard Boy for duty

> Full moon swimming

> Cinema Movie Night Popcorn & Soda

> Violin Playing and Cupcake ring finding proposal

> Wedding Day & Cake Ceremony

> Dream Come True FUN

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