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Forever 21 ウアルクスルービデオレビュー

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Forever 21, Inc 努力を重ね、洗練されたを設計しました。 ソフトウェア。 何が成功するのですか? そのような固体のために非常に使いやすいです ショッピング アプリ 組み込みの 特徴。 さて、最高のパフォーマンスとして アプリ 全体的な評価はです4.78 私はそれを試した人が言っていることだけを追加することができます。

I installed the app because I wanted the 20% discount. I saw other people getting upset that the 20% didn’t work mine did I think it’s User error lol. Anyways i finally downloaded the app and I didn’t know what I was missing! The find my style feature is FUEGO!🔥🔥🔥🔥I can narrow down what I’m looking for with tapping on the options. You know I be looking for those crop tops and bootay shorts lol it’s hella hot right now. Like 110 outside and I’m melting. But it was so easy to find a cute outfit without having to do the endless scroll. Ain’t no one got time for da!! Lol🤣 One thing is that the wish list has a limit of only 40 items? I mean come on brah? Do you even wish list brah? I know tons of me and my friends add items to the wish list and once there’s a sale BAM...add to cart. You know us millennials...we ain’t shopping till it goes on sale hahah! Come on Forever 21, you have to give us more than just 40 spots! Overall the app is easy to use and it’s easier to then going to the mall. Im hoping that they give more exclusive discounts for people using the app Cos then I’ll never delete it lol!!!
I placed an order via the app, and received my confirmation email. A few days later, I get a shipment email, with no carrier information. The tracking link also never updated. A few days ago, I get an email saying my package was delivered. I look in my mail box- not there. My front door ? Not there. I ask my neighbors if they may have received it on accident (this has happened with Forever 21 before; luckily my neighbors are honest people) and no one has seen it. So I check the email again and lo and behold, the address it was delivered to was wrong. I email customer service with proof that it was delivered to an incorrect address, and that the address I had provided was correct. I am emailed a response saying that they can’t do anything about it and I am responsible for intercepting the package. How can I when I don’t even know where it was delivered? Don’t recommend the app at all

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