Brick Toy Matching Game 상

Brick Toy Matching Game

This game is a free puzzle card matching game to improve your memory

Simple design

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This game is a free puzzle card matching game to improve your memory. You have to find all the matching pairs of brick toy minifigure cards to pass to the next level. The pairing matching game offers different modes and you can test yourself in different levels.

Let's match the same pair of brick toy minifigure images to test and improve your memory. This game is suitable for both kids and adults.

It's a cool mini game to spend your time when you are at bus, train and at home. This matching game is a brain trainer, which can be played any of your spare time.

• Simple design

• Increasing difficulty

• Portrait mode easily handling

• Great block images and variety

Improve your memory with this entertaining game, find all the matching cards in this funny game and learning how to improve your brain.


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