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Great healthcare should be easy and accessible for everyone. That's why Carbon Health helps you get care that doesn't end when you leave the clinic. Our easy-to-use app allows you to book appointments, message your provider, view your health history, and manage your prescriptions — all in one place.

With Carbon Health’s mobile app, you can:

- Book a virtual or in-person appointment that fits your schedule
- Get care for your body and mind, whether it's urgent or preventive
- Find a provider that prioritizes you
- Message your care team
- View medical records — including lab results, prescriptions, care plans, X-rays, and more!
- Follow through on your care plan with personalized, easy-to-complete tasks
- Reference upcoming milestones like booking an in-clinic follow up appointment through our health checklists
- Participate in personalized chronic condition programs, including diabetes management (and soon hypertension and asthma)
- Get provider recommendations based on your connected-device health data, including continuous glucose monitoring

To access your medical information, you will need to be a patient of Carbon Health. Join today at

Some of the benefits we offer:
- No membership fees
- Coverage through most insurance plans
- Telemedicine across the United States
- Timely appointments for COVID-19 antibody and travel testing

Have feedback or need help? Select Contact Support within the app.

관련된: Qatar Health: The Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, and Primary Health Care Corporation in state of Qatar have joined together and used their combined expertise and knowledge to develop information for this app, the information in this app is on com

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Carbon Health Technologies, Inc. 노력을 기울여 세련된 를 제작했습니다primary 소프트웨어. 무엇이 성공하는가? 그런 단단한 를 위해 아주 사용하기 쉽습니다 의료 앱 가 내장되어 있습니다 urgent 특징. 글쎄, 최고 실적으로 앱 전체 평점은 입니다 4.81 나는 그것을 시도한 사람들이 말하는 것만 추가할 수 있습니다..

With Covid going on I was not looking forward to stepping into any doctors office nor clinic to have my spider bite, which was gettting worse, tended to. When I found Carbon I was elated. Truly. First, for the same day telemedicine call & the ease it was to submit my info & photo of the bite prior to our discussion. The discussion was thorough & within hours I had the needed antibiotics. To note: I am not a big Western Medicine person so I appreciated the fact the N.P was not quick to write a script for antibiotics. Thus, feeling she was very thorough. The cost of the telemedicine appointment & the generic antibiotic (2 separate prescriptions) was less than $90! ~ M
This app is great! I especially like the notifications. I knew the minute my labs were in just by looking at the app icon on my home screen, I didn’t have to keep opening the app to look for updates. It is very easy to use with the categories I can choose what I want to see. Another unexpected but very useful tool is the message bar allowing you to communicate, and I was sent follow up communications asking how my day was and how I was doing. I appreciated that it is locked with my fingerprint so that I don’t have to worry about anyone else looking at my information. The staff at this place was knowledgeable, very kind and considerate. Awesome app

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