Chineasy 쉽게 배우는 중국어 상

Chineasy 쉽게 배우는 중국어

Chineasy 는 왕초보나 중급이거나 상관없이 누구나 당장 중국어 배우기를 시작할 수 있는 최고의 앱입니다

게임을 바탕으로 한 학습으로 계속 동기부여를 해줍니다. 점수를 내면 바오가 찐빵을 많이 먹게 되죠. 매일 바오가 배부르고 행복하게 해주세요!

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Chinese is no longer daunting to learn! Chineasy starts with a map, and you are the protagonist for the rest of the journey. Slay it, play it, and level up your memorization game to face the final boss - FLUENCY.

“Chineasy is Alphabet of the Chinese Language” - Journal du design
“Have six minutes to spare? Plenty of time to learn 40 Chinese characters!” - TED
“A Brilliant Way to Learn Chinese Through Pictures” - WIRED

With Chineasy’s award-winning methodology, you’ll gain a brand new perspective on Mandarin Chinese – you’ll be able to see the language. You’d be able to advance quickly from picking up simple characters to initiating engaging conversations while exploring Chinese history, customs, and current trends.

“A Fast Way to Start Reading Chinese” - The Wall Street Journal
“How Clever Design Can Help You Learn Chinese” - Slate
“Learn Mandarin the Chineasy Way” - Financial Times

• You start with a learning roadmap designed with logic and bite-sized challenges.
• Make use of bits-and-pieces of time anywhere with a variety of games to review and remember.
• Read, listen, write, and twist your brain with various types of quizzes and challenges.
• Vivid storytelling matched with real-life conversations so you can start engaging with any Chinese speaker asap!
• It goes both ways. Switch between Simplified and Traditional Chinese as you wish.
• Speak your mind! Supporting speech recognition to improve your speaking skills.

Thousands of learners follow the recommendations of language educators, parents, and tech media, etc. Play around with our designs and diverse challenges with learners’ delight. Join your fellow teammates and embark on your path to fluency today! Stay tuned as even more content is coming.

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관련된: 스픽 (Speak) - 영어회화, 스피킹, 발음: 지금까지 이런 영어 어플은 없었다! 20분에 무려 100문장을 말할 수 있다고? 영어 공부를 오래했지만 아직 스피킹이 힘드신가요? 토익은 900점이 넘지만 원어민과 3분 이상 대화가 안 되시나요? 우리가 스피킹을 못하는 이유는 간단합니다. 지금까지

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Chineasy Ltd 노력을 기울여 세련된 를 제작했습니다chinese 소프트웨어. 무엇이 성공하는가? 그런 단단한 를 위해 아주 사용하기 쉽습니다 교육 앱 가 내장되어 있습니다 easily 특징. 글쎄, 최고 실적으로 앱 전체 평점은 입니다 4.83 나는 그것을 시도한 사람들이 말하는 것만 추가할 수 있습니다..

But Pronounciation....
In audio, 'ren' Chinese pronunciation is not correct.

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