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Mobile Access & Actions*

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Benchmark Gensuite® Mobile is a best-in-class Mobile App enabling subscribers with EHS; Sustainability; Quality; Operational Risk and Compliance; Product Stewardship and Supply Chain Risk, and ESG disclosure reporting and management. Over 230K users and ~300 enterprises across the globe use Benchmark Gensuite® Mobile improve workforce engagement, gather real-time data, and accelerate issue resolution! Take your compliance programs & management systems everywhere with our Mobile App!

*Mobile Access & Actions*
Unlock the power Benchmark Gensuite® anywhere – not just on your desktop! With Benchmark Gensuite® Mobile, you can access audits/inspections, corrective actions, assigned tasks, and more while on-the-go!

*Photo Attachment with Drawing Capability*
Easily snap and attach photos and videos within Benchmark Gensuite® Mobile, whether logging a concern or completing an inspection. Drawing capabilities allow you to add detail to the photo before submitting, to make sure any issues can be seen and understood clearly.

*Scan QR Codes*
Scannable QR codes can be placed on equipment, locks, and more to integrate with Benchmark Gensuite® apps. You’ll never need to spend time searching for an inspection or a Safety Data Sheet again.

*No Internet? No Problem*
With Benchmark Gensuite® offline forms, you can access and complete key tasks from anywhere, giving you working flexibility without having to rely on internet access.

*Go There with GPS & Beacons*
Smart-tech like GPS allows you to quickly zero in on sites near you; connected beacon devices use Bluetooth technology to communicate tasks to your Mobile device.

*Quick Notes & Follow Up*
Our Quick Notes feature allows users to record notes in the field without requiring an active connection; share them with another user if applicable; and manage follow-up to closure on Mobile or desktop!

*Voice To Text Input*
Benchmark Gensuite® voice-to-text capability allows you to work hands-free in any environment, allowing you to take notes and complete tasks more quickly.

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