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Go further and unlock your full entrepreneurial potential with Skip! Skip is here to help you successfully discover, apply for, and maximize your chances of getting your business funded. Here's what you can expect in Skip's new and improved app for small businesses and entrepreneurs:

— Find the latest funding opportunities, including grants, loans, and other financing options to help you grow your business, whether you're just starting out or you already have a successful business

— Ask all your business growth and funding questions to our new Skip AI

— Maximize your chances of receiving funding opportunities by adding them to your Skip Funding Assistant. You'll get tips on applications, can request 1-on-1 assistance from our team, and will get reminders to ensure you get your application in

— Watch our latest videos on small business and funding help, including access to app-only and exclusive content

— Stay in the know on all things small business through our latest blog posts

— Join the fastest-growing community supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in the US

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