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Our Photo Frames & Editor app has exclusive collections of photo frames for all types of festivals that are celebrated all around the world. The app also has many tools for editing photos. Using photo editing tools, you can create amazing photos and greeting cards.
Photo Frames & Editor app is one of the best photo editor apps which has a collection of 100+ different categories of photo frames. Also, you can edit images without frames with multiple effects, crop, add stickers, add text and many more tools.
Use of Photo Frame & Editor:
(1) Select a Photo Frame from the list
(2) Choose a background image from the camera or gallery.
(3) Photos can be adjusted to frames by zoom in, zoom out and move with your fingers.
(4) Edit your photo with multiple effects.
(5) Save or Share created photos in social media.
Photo Frames & Editor app Features:
● Photo Filters
● Photo Adjustments
● Photo Effects
● Photo Blur and Focus option
● Draw on photo
● Photo Rotate to a perfect angle
● Photo Resize
● Photo Stickers
● Many more.
Photo Frame & Editor can be used as:
1. Photo Maker
2. Photo Frames
3. Photo Editor
4. Photo Frame & Editor
Photo Frame & Editor Categories:
(1) Happy Birthday Photo Frames
(2) Happy Anniversary Photo Frames
(3) Merry Christmas Photo Frames
(4) Happy New Year Photo Frames
(5) Happy Mothers Day Photo Frames
(6) Happy Fathers Day Photo Frames
(7) Happy Women’s Day Photo Frames
(8) 4th Of July Photo Frames
(9) Happy Easter Day Photo Frames
(10) Happy Thanksgiving Day Photo Frames
(11) Happy Halloween Day Photo Frames
(12) Happy Friendship Day Photo Frames
(13) Memorial Day Photo Frames
(14) Happy Valentines Day Photo Frames
This app will cover all major festivals that are celebrated around the world. The app will update when the festival changes, so users can enjoy all festivals around the world using this app. Our festival list - Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day, Women’s Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter Sunday, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, 4th Of July, Friendship Day, Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Anniversary and more.

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