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Brain Teaser Games Draw a line to protect the dog

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Passionate about brain teasers? Want to challenge your logical skills? Then take a look at Save Balls — a logic puzzle game in which you should draw a line to protect balls.

Draw lines, scribbles, figures and doodles. Let your imagination run wild and create a protective masterpiece with one finger. Be careful: the number of lines is limited and different at each level. Remember about the test of strength: the wasps will be looking for every possible way to get to our poor heroes. Can you create a safe haven and save the emoji?

Save Balls is an amusing logic game that will test your IQ and raise your intellectual abilities to a new level. It will be harder and harder to protect the smiley balls. New brick fences and moving obstacles will appear, and the space below will fill with water — be careful and don't let a round character fall there. Plan every step, estimate a possible outcome and build tactical strategies to save the emoji. Solve logical puzzles, pass interesting levels and open bonus levels.

Collect coins and exchange them for other fun characters: a cool punk, a cute piggy, a cat and even a space alien. Customize your heroes: wear a cowboy hat, a helmet, earflaps, a sombrero, a cap, a crown or other fun accessories. You can also choose the color of the defensive line: red, blue, green and any other to your taste. This brain puzzle will improve not only logical, but also creative skills. Adjust the game to your mood and start the emoji rescue operation.

Сollect golden keys — use them to open the treasure chest. Gold coins and skill stars will be inside. These stars will help you to increase your rating in the game. The more you play, the more stars you have and the higher your rating is. Train your brain and pass the way from a beginner to a guru in the world of teasers and physics games.

Joyful music and fun voices will cheer everyone up, and emotional faces won't leave anyone indifferent. You will never get bored with this game: it is constantly updated with interesting levels, characters and accessories for them.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life — have fun and enjoy.

Draw creative shapes and save balls from dangerous and annoying wasps!

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I like this game because it’s the ONLY game I found in YEARS with no ads !
This game is the fatist ever keep up the good work soggy ham sandwich

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