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Activehours Inc. 노력을 기울여 세련된 를 제작했습니다 소프트웨어. 무엇이 성공하는가? 그런 단단한 를 위해 아주 사용하기 쉽습니다 금융 앱 가 내장되어 있습니다 특징. 글쎄, 최고 실적으로 앱 전체 평점은 입니다 4.6 나는 그것을 시도한 사람들이 말하는 것만 추가할 수 있습니다..

So, I’m a dumb millennial in an expensive world working an underpaid job. Story of a lotta lives these days. With my budgeting skills (or lack thereof), I had to limit myself to 10$ a day for food after I got my paycheck. Sometimes I had to go a day without a meal out of paranoia for not being able to pay my rent. But then Snapchat showed me an ad for Earnin and I thought what the hey, right? I gave it a shot and I NEVER went back. Earnin is AMAZING!! You can choose how much money out of your work week that you need on the spot, you can pay it forward and help others unable to tip, it rewards you with more cash outs as you use it, and it’s helped me finally feel good about the work I do! Now I’m not starving myself when I get into work, and I’m able to even sometimes treat myself confidently knowing that I still get what I need for my rent yet also can get some in advance for myself! I love this app and I really wish I could help spread the word. Every time I tell my friends about it, they are scared about sharing their bank info with a third party app, but it’s super safe. I even used the chat room on my first week since I was scared and they walked me through every insecurity! In this day and age we are so paranoid about our money, but I promise, this is an app that has nothing to hide. Besides- ITS YOUR MONEY, they’re just helping you get it!
I actually don’t think I’ve ever written a review for an app, but I must say that today your app and your customer service just solidified me as a huge fan of Earnin. Back in October, I made the difficult decision to relocate with short notice because hurricane Michael destroyed the area I was living in. Naturally, it took a toll on my finances and I’ve been getting back on my feet very slowly. Today, when checking my bank account, I saw a bill that I forgot was on autopay had withdrawn, leaving my account open for an overdraft fee. Panicked because holy crap why are the fees so much? Jumped on this app, saw I needed to update everything, so I opened chat support. Vince, the chat rep, was seriously more than kind to my plight and not only fixed my account but told me that if I put my bank card on file, the funds would be available ASAP, rather than 1 business day later. VINCE, thank you for helping to restore some of my faith in the customer service industry and just humanity in general. I think we can all take a page out of your book when it comes to being kinder to strangers, as you just never know what’s going on in their lives. Be the reason they can smile and forget their worries for a minute, just as Vince was able to do for me. Thank you again, Vince, and Earnin for everything you guys stand for!

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