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Tile Wonder

Pair Matching Puzzle

Begin with a board full of hexa tiles with different shapes drawn on them.

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Tile Wonder: A Relaxing Tile Matching Puzzle

Welcome to Tile Wonder, the ultimate tile match-2 puzzle game that will keep you captivated for hours! Your goal is to eliminate all the tiles in each level, but with a twist – you must make groups of two hexa tiles to clear them.

How to Play Tile Wonder:
* Begin with a board full of hexa tiles with different shapes drawn on them.
* Tap on a tile in the puzzle to move it to the board at the bottom, which can hold upto 6 tiles.
* Match two tiles of the same image in that area to make them disappear, creating room for more tiles.
* Be strategic and don’t tap on tiles at random, or you’ll run out of space to add more tiles.

Tile Wonder Features:
* Unique twist on classic mahjong puzzles
* Challenging gameplay with six tiles
* Pleasing puzzle with beautiful tile designs
* Relaxing and brain-training experience
* Thousands of layouts for endless fun
* Powerful boosters to help you clear challenging levels

With 1000+ of matching games levels for adults & relaxing puzzle game, never run out of new tile match 2 puzzle challenges. With new tile match levels added to the tile matching game regularly, our matching game always has something new

Join Tile Wonder’s club of tile matching enthusiasts and master a zen-like experience with hexa tiles. With over thousands of relaxing puzzle game levels, you’ll never run out of new challenges. Whether you’re a casual player or a mahjong puzzle master, Tile Wonder provides hours of fun. So, focus on tile matching and enjoy the relaxing game.

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다운로드 Tile Wonder iPhone 및 iPad용 무료

IPA 파일을 다운로드하려면 다음 단계를 따르세요.

1단계: Apple Configurator 2 앱을 Mac에 다운로드합니다.

macOS 10.15.6이 설치되어 있어야 합니다.

2단계: Apple 계정에 로그인합니다.

이제 USB 케이블을 통해 iPhone을 Mac에 연결하고 대상 폴더를 선택해야 합니다.

3단계: Tile Wonder IPA 파일.

이제 대상 폴더에서 원하는 IPA 파일에 액세스할 수 있습니다.

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