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Tile Match Hexa

Pair Matching Puzzle

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Tile Match Hexa is a fun game, in which your mission is to eliminate all the hexa tiles on the board at each level.

Tile Match Hexa adds a twist to classic matching puzzles. You'll have to make groups of two, with little room to manage. So, how do you play Tile Match Hexa? The game begins with a board full of hexa tiles with shapes drawn on them. There are a few tiles with the same shapes in each level. On the top of the screen is a space that can hold up to six tiles. Each time you tap on a tile in the puzzle, it moves to a space on the top of the screen. Whenever you match two of the same tiles in that area, they disappear, leaving room for more tiles.

Because space is limited, you must be careful not to tap on pieces at random. You should only tap on those that can form a group of two. Otherwise, you'll fill the board with a bunch of loose pieces that leave you with no possibility of movement.

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