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관련된: 7분 워크아웃 - 피트니스 앱: 3,000,000명 이상의 사용자들이 7분 워크아웃을 애용하고 계십니다! 과학적으로 증명된 체중 감량, 건강 유지, 그리고 체력을 높이는 방법입니다.

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Perigee AB 노력을 기울여 세련된 를 제작했습니다hiit 소프트웨어. 무엇이 성공하는가? 그런 단단한 를 위해 아주 사용하기 쉽습니다 건강 앱 가 내장되어 있습니다 workout 특징. 글쎄, 최고 실적으로 앱 전체 평점은 입니다 4.76 나는 그것을 시도한 사람들이 말하는 것만 추가할 수 있습니다..

That’s a big statement, I know. But 7 has taken me from someone who did not exercise to one 7 workout a day, to now having a 531 day streak. The key is to get started. I’ve got a fair amount of experience with this app. We average at least 3 a day as part of our workout program. This is our go-to for body weight HIIT. You can use it most anywhere and it’s got a pretty good variety of exercises when you are a subscriber. It could use more though - after 531 days there does tend to be some repetition. Though the new additions of the weekly plans and the challenges help mix it up. Would love to see integration with other components like weights or TRX - yes, I realize those require additional components (though TRX can be bodyweight only) but they would provide a lot more variations. I would also love to have the option for a family plan. For a long time both my wife and I could use this no problem. Then the app changed and we had to transfer the subscription back and forth even though we are on the same iTunes account. Now it appears this no longer works and each person has to get a subscription. If you are just starting out getting into shape this is a great way to do it. It’s only 7-10 minutes a day at a minimum. Soon that will be too easy and you’ll do more. Before you know it you’ve completed the 7 month challenge and changed your body and your health. You can do it!
Before and during COVID, I tried out a lot of diet/exercise apps to get some results from my routines. I settled on Keto for diet but could not find what I was after til I hit upon 7. This is an ideal app, I think. Foremost, there is no trainer doing a bunch of repetitious counting, which I find very annoying. And you can configure that function any way you like. If you would like a drill sergeant, they’ve got that too. Next, you can do from 1-5 set repetitions, so you can do as many or as few as you have time for on any particular day. Every day has a different set of exercises and there is a library full of different sets. There is a “live” exercise option, when it’s active, anyone who joins in is working out “with” others all over the world. Pretty cool. I absolutely love this app and I love that it’s only about $40 a year. Most others seemed to be $20 and above per month. Better quality, lower price. Can’t beat it! I’m kind of addicted!!!

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