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Mark up counted stitch charts

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Welcome to Markup R-XP, the premier app for marking up any stitch chart.

The Only Choice for Marking Up with iOS Devices

Markup R-XP does everything other markup apps do and a whole lot more! Why not switch to Markup R-XP and see what it can do for you – you won’t be disappointed.
No need to check for “Supported Designers” as Markup R-XP loads all charts from all designers. Markup R-XP is recommended and approved by many leading chart designers and producers making it far and away the leading markup app available

Markup Made Simple

Markup R-XP allows stitchers to load any chart in PDF or image form and will magically locate the grids, symbols and colours and then allow them to be marked up on screen. You can even take a photo of a chart and Markup R-XP will find the grid and symbols and allow you to mark it up.
If your chart consists of multiple pages, Markup R-XP will stitch the pages together to make one large chart. This means you can easily see your full markup progress and won’t be held up at page edges.
There are even tools to let you quickly find those final few unmarked symbols across the whole chart.

Extra Help with Tricky Charts

If you have a chart picture which is not completely clear or slightly rotated, you can still use Markup R-XP. The integrated editing tools can be used to assist Markup R-XP to create the perfect grid to fit over your chart and then detect the symbols and colours for you.

Automatic Symbol & Thread Colour Detection

Markup R-XP recognises the symbols in your chart and can tell you how many are stitched and left to stitch. If you chart has a key, Markup R-XP can also automatically determine the thread colour for each symbol. If there is no key, no problem, you can also simply assign up to four thread colours to a symbol.

Built In Shade Cards

Markup your chart using thread colours from DMC, Anchor and Madeira selected from the built-in shade cards.

Keys, Finished Samples and Notes

Multiple Keys can be captured separately and are stored alongside each project for easy referral as you stitch. Likewise, pictures can be captured from your uploaded chart for quick reference whilst markup is underway. There is even a notes section to keep a track of any important details for each project.

Comprehensive Progress & Statistics

Projects can be organised into different categories to help track the progress of your stitching. Markup R-XP can also estimate the number of stitches in your chart and keep you updated on progress.

Markup Your Way

Markup R-XP allows you to customize the way Markup R-XP works and looks. Options include grid settings, centre lines, diagonal grid lines, colours, sizes and much more.

Helpful Assistance, Active Usergroups & Regular Updates

Help is available throughout Markup R-XP which give detailed information on how to use each feature.
Why not join our thriving FaceBook Users group for handy hints and tips, see
We listen to our users and regularly update the app with new features and suggestions to constantly make Markup R-XP the leading app on the market.

Free to Try

You can enjoy the full features of Markup R-XP for free during an initial 30 day trial period.

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Markup R-XP 연습 비디오 리뷰

1. Getting Started with Markup R-XP

2. How To Hide the Buttons on a Chart (iOS only)

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