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Wheel of Fortune

Show Puzzles The Official Puzzle Game Classic gameplay, new twists

Play THOUSANDS of all-new word puzzles created by the hit TV show! Can you solve these official word puzzles from the minds behind America’s Game? Stay tuned; fresh puzzles are released all the time!

Wheel of Fortune iPhone의 경우 입니다 게임 게임 모든 기능을 갖추도록 특별히 설계된 트리비아 게임.

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It's the best word puzzle game of all time! Train your brain and spin the wheel in the official Wheel of Fortune mobile game!

Have you ever wanted to buy a vowel? Spin the Wheel with Pat Sajak? Guess letters and watch them appear on the iconic puzzle board? It’s WHEEL...OF...FORTUNE - based on the popular game show, and now you can be a contestant!

Jump into the Emmy®-winning TV game show you know and love because now it’s an addicting mobile game! Spin the Wheel, solve new puzzles written by the show’s producers, and win prizes. Challenge your friends and family through Facebook or play with millions of other players from around the world!

Make it a daily habit and challenge yourself to new exciting puzzles with fun categories every day!

In Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak guides you on a fun-filled trip around the world with new puzzles from the hit TV game show! Play thousands of other fans, friends and family for a huge prize! The winner of these word puzzles will come out on top with the ultimate jackpot!

Wheel of Fortune Features:

Official Puzzles
- Play THOUSANDS of all-new word puzzles created by the hit TV show! Can you solve these official word puzzles from the minds behind America’s Game? Stay tuned; fresh puzzles are released all the time!
- Solve word puzzles in Wheel of Fortune games, anytime and anywhere you want. You can finish a game in five minutes or less!

TV-style Gameplay
- Feel like you’re on TV. Hit the right wedges to score and win big, but watch out for Bankrupt and Lose a Turn!
- Choose your other letters wisely to solve the puzzle and win the ultimate prize! Just like on TV, you’ll get a selection of letters to use in the Bonus Round!

Exciting Online Tournaments & Multiplayer games
- Challenge friends and family in Wheel of Fortune!
- With millions of players worldwide, you can test your word solving skills instantly with thousands of other fans, friends and family for huge jackpot prizes!

Travel Around the World
- Discover amazing puzzle themes from cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo and Hollywood to unlock upgrades to bring your own flair to the party.

Social Online Interaction
- Play with friends and family or challenge millions of players
- Create your own puzzles and try to stump your friends with Puzzle Maker!
- Chat, find new friends and send gift boxes to other players

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Try the VIP All Access Pass one-week Free Trial. A free trial will convert to a Paid subscription unless auto-renew is turned off 24 hours prior to the end of the trial. Unused portions of free trials will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewals in your device account settings, as described in our FAQ on "How to Cancel a Subscription."

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Scopely - Top Free Apps and Games LLC 노력을 기울여 세련된 를 제작했습니다wheel 소프트웨어. 무엇이 성공하는가? 그런 단단한 를 위해 아주 사용하기 쉽습니다 게임 게임 가 내장되어 있습니다 fortune 특징. 글쎄, 최고 실적으로 게임 전체 평점은 입니다 4.57 나는 그것을 시도한 사람들이 말하는 것만 추가할 수 있습니다..

I’m one of your older players. I love the game. I do not do Facebook nor do I buy diamonds or any other products. Since I’ve been playing you’ve critiqued the game and made many improvements. The diamonds I’ve earned I must use very wisely. If I’m towards the end of a game that’s mostly when I would use them. 250$ is way to much to require to continue a box. I want to Andress the letter streak. You will often give a puzzle with two words about 12 letters then when you miss only one it erases all the letters. I think when you earn a letter you should be able to keep it not have it erased. Now I do believe there are things you could do to make the the player average feel more accomplished and happy. Lower thes products. This is rediculous. 250 diamonds to continue a game. My favorite help is the free hint. I love being able to buy 3 hints for 150 diamonds. I would save for this. Some of your versions have absolutely to many bankrupts. Soon you just get numb to all of this lose turn and bankrupts and you think WELL ILL JUST PLAY AND FORGET ABOUT WINNING. THANK YOU. THIS IS MY REVIEW AND I MISS NOT BEING ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH MY FRIENDS LORI AND JOSIAH ALL THE OTHERS. IT ALWAYS HELPS TO FEEL LIKE SOMEONE IS LISTENING. THANKS DONNADONNA
So ever since Covid started I have been playing this game and wheel of fortune and I like it I teach at it I meant I teach it to my kids and they enjoy it and I hope that you do too it’s a very fun way to communicate and to go on different trips quotation quotation marks so yeah it’s fun and I love it and I hope everyone else does and you should read this five stars except that the VIP and you have to log into Facebook to do a background in a backdrop which I don’t like because I mean I have a Facebook account but I don’t want to log into it because they might steal my information but I still love it and it’s good and I hope all of you like it except the VIP which cost a lot of money I’m just kidding it doesn’t my husband thinks it’s him and and ever since COVID-19 started I’ve just been one and wanting to break and to like watch wheel of fortune but my kids hate the show but I love it my husband does and we normally watch it sometimes when I get to go to sleep but like they’re normally not sleep so this is a great way to communicate to see how good you are and yeah I hope all of you guys like it and love it by out

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