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Graphic Art Vector design/Typography/Logo Create stunning illustrations

Natural ways to draw — Make lines and curves using the Pen, Pencil, and Brush tools

Adobe Illustrator para iPhone é um gráficos aplicativa especialmente projetado para ser completo projeto aplicativa.

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Create logos, illustrations, graphics and more. Illustrator on the iPad works intuitively with your Apple Pencil so you can design on the go from anywhere, even offline - it’s never been easier to take your creativity to new places.

Design with precision, as naturally as you would with pen and paper. Create vector lines, shapes, type, gradients, and effects. Merge or cut graphics with quick, intuitive Pencil gestures to remove unwanted areas. Make your graphics pop with effects, and access over 18,000 fonts, 20+ color palettes, up-to-the-minute live streams from famous creatives, and guided tutorials.

Work on a project across Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fresco. Plus, your Illustrator work is automatically synced to the cloud, so you and your team can always access the latest version from your desktop or iPad.

This app is part of Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s free for Creative Cloud members who have a plan that includes Illustrator.

• Natural ways to draw — Make lines and curves using the Pen, Pencil, and Brush tools
• Art and Calligraphic Brushes — Create and apply brush strokes to add artistic elements to your artwork.
• Pinpoint editing — Create perfect graphics without quality loss with Smart Delete, Simplify Path, and more
• Point precision — Edit graphics down to the point, radius, or angle level

• Vectorize — Convert raster images or paper sketches into vector images.
• Radial, grid, and mirror repeat — Turn graphics into sophisticated patterns
• Polygon shape creation — Make objects out of circles, triangles, squares, and stars
• Transform as Shape — Transform paths and curves without manual manipulation of anchor points.
• Blend Tool — Smoothly blend one shape into another across a specified number of steps.

• 18,000+ fonts — Use one of the thousands of high-quality fonts included in the Adobe Fonts library
• Fonts of your own — Upload and design with any of your own licensed fonts and use them on both desktop and iPad
• Type on a path — Bend and flow text onto the surface of lines and shapes
• Outlined text — Turn text into an editable format that can be modified without limits
• Variable fonts — They’re infinitely customizable
• Color fonts — Explore gorgeous color variations and gradients that are built into the font

• Point gradients — Drag and drop colors to create dynamic blends of diffused colors
• 20+ color books — Use industry-standard color swatches or incorporate your own

• File syncing between Illustrator on the desktop and on the iPad — Projects are automatically synced and accessible across devices
• Photoshop import — Easily place a Photoshop image into your Illustrator design
• Standard file format export — Create, save, and open Illustrator (AI) files with no loss of quality, and export in the most common formats, including SVG, PDF, PNG, and PSD.

• Livestreaming — Watch and learn from top design-industry creatives daily, right within the app
• Trends to discover — Explore projects by other creatives

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Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use and the Adobe Privacy Policy

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Adobe Illustrator análises de vídeo passo a passo

1. Adobe Illustrator for iPad 2022 (Beginners Tutorial)

2. How to Use Illustrator on iPad

Is it good?

Adobe Inc. colocou esforços e projetou um sofisticado adobe software. O que o torna bem-sucedido? É muito fácil de usar para um arquivo gráficos aplicativa com illustrator ecursos. Bem, como um aplicativa com uma classificação geral de 4.58 eu só posso adicionar o que as pessoas que tentaram isso estão dizendo.

I’ve been so anxious for this to come out, but I also didn’t have high expectations. Most of the time, when computer softwares make an app, so many key features are missing; the apps feel clunky, and it’s always a pain to use and re-learn. I usually end up deleting the app and just sticking with the original. This is NOT the case here! It truly feels like an extension of AI, and working in it is like second nature. All the basics are there, and bouncing back and forth between my iPad and laptop is seamless. I LOVE that I don’t have to worry about saving or exporting, loading to a cloud, then converting my files. I’m literally drawing vector lines with my Apple Pencil from the get-go, already in the format I need. Game changer! No more having to trace and clean up later. Also, manipulating points with my pencil is sooo much easier than clicking with a mouse. Thank you guys for making such an incredible app, right out of the gate. Admittedly, I haven’t been in love with other iPad-version Adobe products, but this is truly amazing!!
Fresco is great too, but I love vector with points! The align and snap features work pretty well. More features would be nice, like object scale and rotate commands. I’d love to be able type in the angle I want to rotate an object too! Was skeptical how using just fingers would work but it does quite well, as I said the snaps are excellent. Using the curved points is a little tricky, but this is also challenging with a keyboard and mouse; however, I do find my self missing the nodes and handles more often than I’d like. One thing I do like better in fresco (besides that it’s free) is the free rotate on the art board not sure why its not a feature on this version of illustrator. I know that’s how it’s always worked, but seems like a missed opportunity on the mobile, iPad version.

Baixe Adobe Illustrator grátis para iPhone e iPad

Para baixar arquivos IPA, siga estas etapas.

Etapa 1: baixe o aplicativo Apple Configurator 2 para o seu Mac.

Observe que você precisará ter o macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Etapa 2: faça login em sua conta da Apple.

Agora você precisa conectar seu iPhone ao seu Mac via cabo USB e selecionar a pasta de destino.

Passo 3: Baixe o arquivo Adobe Illustrator arquivo IPA.

Agora você pode acessar o arquivo IPA desejado na pasta de destino.

Download from the App Store