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◆The Game◆ The Mysterious Ayakashi and the Sweets Shops: A Love Story is a romance game for women. The game plays like reading a novel. You

The Game◆

Ayakashi & Sweets | Otome Game para iPhone é um jogos jogos especialmente projetado para ser completo interpretação de papéis jogos.

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◆The Game◆

The Mysterious Ayakashi and the Sweets Shops: A Love Story is a romance game for women. The game plays like reading a novel. You continue to read the story, you make choices, and simply enjoy a romantic relationship with a great male character of your choosing.

◆The Story◆

Welcome to the Spirit World, a town under the supervision of the nine-tailed fox spirit Tsukumo.

As our heroine, you wandered into the Spirit World as a ghost roughly one year ago. Without any recollection of how you died, or what your unfinished business may be, you are left unable to pass on.

When you were alive, you were the heir to your family’s long-established traditional Japanese confectionary business. But now, with Tsukumo’s assistance, you’ve opened up your own sweets shop as your pass your time in the Spirit World. Set free from the strict disciplines forced upon you as heir to your family business, you are able to remember the joy you attain from making sweets as you spend colorful, entertaining days in the Spirit World. You start to think that maybe you will continue living on like this until you become an Ayakashi, the spirits who inhabit this world...

◆The Characters◆


A nine-tailed fox.

Tsukumo is the animated overseer of the Spirit World, honored and respected by all who live in town. Though he is always trying to skip out on work, deep down Tsukumo is of a very serious nature. He even has a lonely side to him. In true Ayakashi-fashion, he displays unabashed gluttony for that which he desires, but he also possesses a gentle soul.

He loves the sweets made by our heroine.

"Mmm, it’s delicious! Your confections are the best in the world!"


An ogre. Tsukumo's old friend.

Akatsuki is a regular at our heroine’s sweets shop. While he may possess great strength, Akatsuki suffers from an inferiority complex as he is only half-Ayakashi. To compensate for this, he is tenacious about improving his strength.

Our heroine seems to have caught his eye in a way no other has done.

"Don’t touch me. You shouldn't be anywhere near me."


A snow man acting as Tsukumo’s aide.

Yuki is always chasing after Tsukumo with a stern hand, dragging him back to work when he goofs off. With a gentle, kind personality, he is an older brother of sorts to our heroine.

"I'll always be there as your brother."


A Nekomata cat spirit who is considered young amongst the other Ayakashi.

Mike owns and operates his own bakery, the Cat Cakery, next to our heroine’s shop. Depending on how you look at him, you might think he’s either simply straightforward, or a little naive. Mike loves to compete with our heroine over who can rake in the most sales.

"Hey! I came to see how empty your shop was today!"


A ghost who works as a popular waiter at Cat Cakery.

His almost frustratingly charming personality is tough to put a finger on, making him popular with the women, who he treats oh-so favorably. Haruto takes a liking to our heroine for some reason, and enjoys leading her on, only to revel in her embarrassment. It seems that Haruto has been living in the Spirit World before our heroine’s arrival, but it is unclear why he has become a ghost.

"We're both already dead, so our lives are over...but I believe we can still find happiness in the future."

◆This Game's Special Feature◆

You can set this game to Japanese, English, or Spanish and use it to help learn a language. The language can be changed with just one touch on the game screen.

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◆Questions about the app/Troubleshooting◆

For questions about the app or for troubleshooting, please contact us at [email protected]. We'd also like to hear your feedback and opinions on the game.

◆Sound effect material◆

びたちー素材館 http://www.vita-chi.net/sozai1.htm

魔王魂 http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/

ポケットサウンド https://pocket-se.info/

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