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Airline Tycoon Idle Plane Business Manager

Pocket Planes para iPhone é um jogos jogos especialmente projetado para ser completo simuladores jogos.

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Embark on an Airline Tycoon journey with Pocket Planes!

Dive deep into the skies, navigating the world of airplanes and airlines, ensuring each flight runs seamlessly.

Become the master Airline Manager, handling everything from tiny prop planes to majestic jumbos, making the sky your playground.

From the visionaries behind the treasured Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes is more than just another airplane simulator. It's a Business Manager game with a heart, capturing the thrill of flying and the meticulous planning of route management.

Game Highlights:

Airline Tycoon Delight: Immerse yourself in the art of airline management with Pocket Planes. Craft strategies, optimize routes, and watch your fleet of airplanes paint the sky, transporting eager passengers and precious cargo to over 250 cities dotting a vast world map.

Sky Management Odyssey: From the hustle and bustle of major airports to the serene charm of smaller ones, plan your routes meticulously. With every decision, the success of your airline business hangs in the balance. Carve out routes that make business sense and spark your imagination.

Idle Flight Fun: From the tiny prop planes, echoing the nostalgia of early flight days, to the magnificent jumbo jets, representing the zenith of aviation engineering, there's never a dull moment. Every plane unlocked promises a fresh visual treat and exciting business opportunities.

Customization at its peak: Every airline has a story. Tell yours through personalized plane designs, distinct paint jobs, and pilot uniforms that make a statement. Let your airline's brand be a testament to your vision and creativity as it stands out amidst the vastness of the sky.

Airborne Friendship: The skies are vast and great but better navigated with friends. Trade parts, strategize together, and compete in global events. Showcase your airline tycoon skills and propel your airline to international fame.

Come, embark on a journey filled with idle management challenges, simulator fun, and pocket-sized adventures. Transform into the ultimate Airline Manager and let your airline be the king of the skies!

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2. How to Play Fast!

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