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For Relationships Daily question game for couple

Already 6 Million people are learning more about their partners through SumOne!

SumOne para iPhone é um estilo de vida aplicativa especialmente projetado para ser completo redes sociais aplicativa.

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**Already 6 Million people are learning more about their partners through SumOne!
Will you join us and start your own journey?**

Get together with the one who makes your heart flutter, create a space to raise a new friend together, and discover something about each other every day!

● SumOne’s main features!

[A daily discovery]

Every day at a time of your choice, SumOne gives you and your partner a question - ranging from deep and introspective to cute and surprising! It’s a chance for you to share more about who you truly are, learn about your partner’s heart and soul, and strengthen your bond!

[A new companion]

Welcome EggMon on your journey! This sweet little egg is fascinated by Love and can't help but be interested in your relationship! Help it grow and hatch into a surprising new form by sharing your honest answers on the Daily Question!


With the pebbles (in-app currency) you collect together within the app, you can buy various items to decorate little EggMon’s room!
Head over to the shop and select your items from the various themes available.
Keep your eyes peeled for the seasonal themes only available for a limited time!

● There's so much more!

- [Send each other cute notes]
Get a Memo and stick it up on the Main Screen! Your partner will be delighted to read your thoughts of the day
- [Discover EggMon’s past]
EggMon kept a diary of his quest for Love. Get a new page and read it together!
- [Birth Certificate]
It is clear that EggMon is here to stay…How about officially registering its cute nickname?
- [Emotion Tracker]
Every time you answer a question, you can select and share how you’re feeling that day. At the end of the month, our little helper (and EggMon’s best friend) Hakoo will gather it all and share the record of your love with you!
- [The most important day]
Keep track of your anniversary! We count the days since you decided to be together.
- [Have it all on your home screen]
Use our Memo or Anniversary widgets to keep a cute reminder of your love right on your screen!

Make new memories and deepen your ties with your partner with SumOne!

Contact us : [[email protected]]
Mobile: +82 10
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2. I love this app so much! Its called SumOne and can be found in your App Store! #couple #app #diary

Baixe SumOne grátis para iPhone e iPad

Para baixar arquivos IPA, siga estas etapas.

Etapa 1: baixe o aplicativo Apple Configurator 2 para o seu Mac.

Observe que você precisará ter o macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Etapa 2: faça login em sua conta da Apple.

Agora você precisa conectar seu iPhone ao seu Mac via cabo USB e selecionar a pasta de destino.

Passo 3: Baixe o arquivo SumOne arquivo IPA.

Agora você pode acessar o arquivo IPA desejado na pasta de destino.

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