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Storyaholic provides millions of short stories, get flipped and finish a story in one day

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Hey Story lovers! Finally, here comes the place to read original and popular short stories, novels and variety romance fictions! Storyaholic presents selected and top-hit stories and books for you to stream with superior reading experience. From now on, we are all STORYAHOLICers!

1、Storyaholic provides millions of short stories, get flipped and finish a story in one day
2、Immerse your whole self in reading, enjoy the ultimate reading experience
3、The powerful search function makes it easy for you to find stories
4、Customized recommended books only for you
5、Use Night Mode to protect your eyes, reading is the light in the dark

[Why Storyaholic?]
1、Select ANY GENRE you like: werewolf, alpha & omega, mate choosing, rogue wolf, romantic novels, love stories, mafia romance, badboy school stories, light novels, stories with reborn characters, magical realism, eastern fantasy, horror stories, fan fiction for K-POP fans, sci-fi, suspense and thriller, and excellent original stories…
2、All of the novels and fiction books are copyrighted
3、Download fiction books and read them OFFLINE anywhere anytime
4、Special WELFARE for new users and daily events!
5、Leave your COMMENT and share your thoughts with the reader all over the globe!
6、New stories released on a DAILY basis

[Trending Stories]
>>Cold Showers
In order of priority, For Jayda Wright, her work comes first, She comes second, her best friend and family comes third and then her so-called boyfriend comes fourth.She didn't know she was losing her boyfriend at the expense of putting her job first. He finally broke up with her the day she got promoted as a partner in a reputable law firm. That night, Jayda made her way to a bar where she met Sebastian Miller, The multimillionaire with the worst personality but incredibly sexy. She had a one night stand with him, creating a bond that binds them forever!

>>Falling For The Mafia
"I always knew my father had a gambling problem. Ever since losing myMother he was rarely ever there for me. What I didn’t know is that his problem would become mine and land me in a mafia game."

>>My Brother Is My Mate
"This doesn't make sense." I whispered, my hand on the door knob. "We can't tell mom and dad." He whispered back into the darkness."You can't be my mate!?" I hissed back "your my brother." "I'm not going to resist the Sparks April," He growled, but continued "or the pull, and feeling of want... Do you hear me?" He growled. "W-what?" "I want you so bad it hurts" he whispered. It was like my lips moved and spoke for me. "Then take me." His warm lips smashed onto mine finding them in the dark. Sparks lit the tiny closet up, and suddenly I knew where he was almost as if we were in a room full of light. I could see every move he made, and I wanted him to make a move on me.I kissed him back with force, and longing. My first kiss is with my brother. My mate.

>>Forever Yours
"Sometimes I doubt if you love me at all, because.. not once have you stood up for me... It's not like I'm asking you to disrespect her but at least make me know that you don't agree with her conclusions about me" she wiped her tears in attempt to look strong."Sometimes I feel like you're in agreement with everything your mom has been saying about me""Baby, you know I don't agree with her. It's just...""It's just what Derek?!" She was beginning to feel her anger rise again."We've been together for almost five years and nothing has changed... I'm still your girlfriend... Not even an engagement ring has been placed on my finger to show that you take me seriously and you expect me not to believe that your mom is right about everything."

Come and enjoy unlimited romantic moments here! Download it now!

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HK IReader Technology Limited colocou esforços e projetou um sofisticado story software. O que o torna bem-sucedido? É muito fácil de usar para um arquivo livros aplicativa com read ecursos. Bem, como um aplicativa com uma classificação geral de 4.88 eu só posso adicionar o que as pessoas que tentaram isso estão dizendo.

In order to receive 20 measly points there must be 5stars given. Exceedingly expensive to unlock chapters compared to every other app I have. I personally do voice overs for audio books on other apps I make out well and it still isn’t this expensive to read per chapter. It’s disgusting actually. Not to mention the huge failure of something as simple as spellcheck. SMH.
I’m leaving a 5 star review because I want the vouchers. The books are good but I won’t be using the app anymore after I finish the book I’m on. I’m almost 30 dollars in and the book is still going. This is a ridiculous amount to pay for books. Especially when they are on a 3rd party app, unedited and you have to wait for the books to be uploaded in sections.

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