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Answer fun, research-based questions with your partner each day to bring you closer together

Paired para iPhone é um saúde jogos especialmente projetado para ser completo fitness jogos.

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Love more. Stress less. Paired is your guide to improve communication, stay connected, and deepen intimacy as a couple.

With our daily questions feature you get a fun question to answer every day with your partner. Each question comes with a research-based fact of why answering it will help your relationship, and only by answering the question yourself can you unlock your partner’s answer!

If you’re looking to identify your relationship strength and growth areas then our couple quizzes are here to help. Each week the quiz is on a different aspect of your relationship, and when your partner answers the quiz you’ll be able to compare answers.

Think you know your partner well? Put your knowledge to the test with our couple games! Guess your partner’s answers to funny, thoughtful, and downright silly questions and see how many guesses you get right. The partner with the highest score wins the game!

Lastly, our couple exercises are created by the world’s top couple therapists and academics and draw on decades of research to help you learn about, and discuss key relationship topics. Each exercise includes a discussion point and helpful answer prompts for you to complete together.
Join the community of people around the world building lasting love with Paired today.

* Answer fun, research-based questions with your partner each day to bring you closer together
* New questions are available daily, and by answering the question you’ll unlock your partner’s answer
* Play couple games to test your knowledge of your partner
* Guess their answers to Mr and Mrs style questions, and see who knows who best!
* Pair with your partner’s app by sharing your unique codes with each other
* Complete couple exercises on different relationship topics, from managing conflict to developing sexual intimacy
* Our couple exercises are created by the world’s top relationship academics and therapists
* Identify your relationship strength and growth areas by completing couple quizzes each week
*Get ready for any relationship milestone, from moving in together to planning for a baby, with our dedicated question packs

Please note that Paired and the materials and information contained herein are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical, psychological, or mental health advice, or diagnosis, and may not be used for such purposes. You should always consult with a qualified physician or mental health professional about your specific circumstances.

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Paired Jogabilidade e análises de vídeo passo a passo

1. How to pair and unpair an Apple Watch and iPhone

2. iN·Command® | Command Brief | Pairing Your iPhone / iOS Device

Is it good?

Better Half Limited colocou esforços e projetou um sofisticado couples software. O que o torna bem-sucedido? É muito fácil de usar para um arquivo saúde jogos com relationship ecursos. Bem, como um jogos com uma classificação geral de 4.70 eu só posso adicionar o que as pessoas que tentaram isso estão dizendo.

My bf and I have been together for 4 years. We are currently long distance and looking for ways to continue being intimate with each other despite the distance. I feel like we are already really open and honest with each other but this app has taken it to another level. It’s helps facilitate conversations that we haven’t thought of or convos that we may be unsure of how to bring up. I love that our answers to the “question sets” are locked until we both answer so that we aren’t biased by what the other person’s response is. It may seem like a lot to spend $70 for the year for it but man it’s so worth it. Just look at it like a date night, dinner+drinks and a tip and this app is for the whole year. Go with the year subscription (it’s cheaper than the monthly) and really just explore this app with your partner. We’re learning new things about each other and our relationship and I am loving it. I also love this app because when I’m using it I feel like those who created the app are really passionate about what they’re doing here. I feel like I would want to be apart of the company, I just love this product. The concept and execution are a dream, so I get why they charge what they do. It’s worth the money. We briefly tried another app, but it almost felt like it was created and no one went back to continue making it better. This is the real deal, and can be a great asset to your relationship. Highly recommend.
Thank you so much. My wife and I had to be apart for work related issues this summer and this really saved me. Using it all year long had been great to that point as well, but any time apart really makes this app unbelievably important to help is keep doing the work of building and growing our relationship like we would if we were together physically. The recently updated format to see what has been answered to catch up and the side bar to chat on each topic is much improved and really intuitive. Very few questions have not been relevant to our situation, the couple that are not pertaining to our demographic or lifestyle can be skipped over, or we answer for fun and shock value (at our own peril I might add) I’m unable to see the group of questions that I answer once we’ve both selected for each partner when we do a challenge/winner game, I can only presently see the single answer given, it makes it hard to recall the choices offered if that makes any sense (“all of the above” doesn’t really tell me what that was referring to, for example when asking me “Never have you ever —- “ I’ve recommended this app to all my close friends that I know are in great relationships. This will only make them better and it’s worth every penny. I’ll never let this sub go.

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Para baixar arquivos IPA, siga estas etapas.

Etapa 1: baixe o aplicativo Apple Configurator 2 para o seu Mac.

Observe que você precisará ter o macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Etapa 2: faça login em sua conta da Apple.

Agora você precisa conectar seu iPhone ao seu Mac via cabo USB e selecionar a pasta de destino.

Passo 3: Baixe o arquivo Paired arquivo IPA.

Agora você pode acessar o arquivo IPA desejado na pasta de destino.

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