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OpenTable para iPhone é um comida aplicativa especialmente projetado para ser completo beber aplicativa.

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The OpenTable app is your one-stop-shop for everything dining. Download today so you can:
Find more ways to dine with tables, takeout and experiences
Scan restaurant menus, photos, and millions of verified diner reviews from over 50,000+ restaurants worldwide
Find the best of your city (or plan your next trip!) with our editorial guides
Streamline your booking experience with new features such as direct messaging with restaurants and hot table alerts

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2. How to use OpenTable - Make reservations at your favorite restaurant

Is it good?

OpenTable, Inc. colocou esforços e projetou um sofisticado find software. O que o torna bem-sucedido? É muito fácil de usar para um arquivo comida aplicativa com restaurant ecursos. Bem, como um aplicativa com uma classificação geral de 4.91 eu só posso adicionar o que as pessoas que tentaram isso estão dizendo.

Blu Crete is fast becoming our favorite BYO restaurant in Basking Ridge. You will immediately notice the staff and servers are friendly, efficient and polite. We appreciate the serene space; the tables are spaced out sufficiently so that you will enjoy your meal privately without feeling cramped. The menu has something for everyone. The food is excellent; high quality. On our most recent visit we started with the Caesar and Arugula salads which were fresh and carefully prepared. The other Appetizer worth mentioning are the Meatballs with whipped ricotta which my husband and I shared. The Short Rib main course is excellent; very tender and a generous portion. The pasta dishes while less complicated are also very fresh and generous. Every meal so far has been consistently great. The key words you will take away from this place are freshness and quality. This lovely restaurant is ideal if you are looking for quality cuisine; great service, cleanliness and value for the money. Highly recommend.
We are happy to live near Van Rensselaer's Restaurant. It is our go to for a wonderful meal and it doesn’t have to be for a special occasion. Their menu suits us perfectly - the mixed seafood grill is always so perfectly prepared. Last visit it was tuna, seared on both sides and warm in the middle that melted in the mouth, swordfish that was tender and juicy and so fresh tasting, and shrimp cooked just the way I like them. It's a hard decision to choose from their menu, as they prepare salmon and other fish in a number of ways so you can make a choice. Salads are satisfying and served in an appealing way. And then dessert. Oh, my. Once you’ve tried their toffee Kailua chocolate mousse cake it's impossible to order anything else, if you’re a chocolate lover. Don's favorite is the crime brûlée and their carrot cake is made on premises and is legendary. This will be the last weekend that they are open until spring so we are reserved. Thank you, VR’s, for some wonderful meals this season!

Baixe OpenTable grátis para iPhone e iPad

Para baixar arquivos IPA, siga estas etapas.

Etapa 1: baixe o aplicativo Apple Configurator 2 para o seu Mac.

Observe que você precisará ter o macOS 10.15.6 instalado.

Etapa 2: faça login em sua conta da Apple.

Agora você precisa conectar seu iPhone ao seu Mac via cabo USB e selecionar a pasta de destino.

Passo 3: Baixe o arquivo OpenTable arquivo IPA.

Agora você pode acessar o arquivo IPA desejado na pasta de destino.

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