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Taking care of your car is easier than ever with the free CARFAX Car Care app

Track auto repair and service history for up to 8 cars

CARFAX Car Care для iPhone — это образ жизни приложение специально разработан, чтобы быть полнофункциональным ътилиты приложение.

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Taking care of your car is easier than ever with the free CARFAX Car Care app. Only the Free Car Care mobile app taps CARFAX’s exclusive service data to automatically display your service history and alert you when it’s time for scheduled maintenance such as oil changes.
- Track auto repair and service history for up to 8 cars
- See YOUR car’s recommended maintenance schedule
- Get alerts for upcoming service
- Know when your next registration is due
- Be the first to know about safety recalls
- Know your car maintenance schedule, including oil, tires, brakes, filters and inspections
- Find local auto repair shops in the CARFAX network
- Have repair cost estimates at your fingertips
- Login with Facebook
- Personalize your car with a photo and nickname

Download the CARFAX Car Care app to easily manage your car maintenance and auto repairs.
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CARFAX Car Care видеообзоров

1. How To Use the MyCarfax Auto Maintenance App

2. Tour the New Car Maintenance App from Carfax. Get Recall Alerts, Reminders and More with myCARFAX!

Это хорошо?

CARFAX, Inc. приложил усилия и разработал сложную рограммное обеспечение. Что делает его успешным? Это очень легко использовать для такого твердого образ жизни приложение со встроенным Особенности. Ну и как топовый приложение с общим рейтингом 4.81 Я могу добавить только то, что говорят люди, которые пробовали это.

I love the Car Fox app except for maybe two things. First one when I’m doing a service search, I do not get the information I’m looking for and sometimes it’s when I perform a few maintenance items on the same record. It only pulls up the info for the 1st item I record on the Service Tab. A good example is Brakes. If I record that I did shocks first snd brakes second, when I search for brake service history it won’t always come up. The 2nd that annoys me is that it will mot allow me to put my Mechanics shop as the service shop. I’m only guessing its because his shop may not be in your system because it doesn’t come up on a search for my area. So I end up putting Self down and puting his information in the notes. I was able to put his Shops name in when I first installed the app, about 15 years ago???? Any way thanks for a great app that helps me track my family’s vehicle maintenance. I’m always recommending it my friend’s. Joe F
don’t review a ton of apps, when when an app legitimately improves my quality of life, I gotta do it. I’m terrible at remembering when I had my last oil change, when the inspection is due or even when the registration is due. Fahgettabout remembering when to rotate the tires! I would only think of checking a few times a year by checking various stickers on my or my wife’s car, and inevitably scramble to fix something a month or two out of date. If a garage didn’t have the stickers to shiw when an oil change is due, I wouldn’t go there. No garage would put a sticker for tire rotations, so they had no chance of being tracked. If I remembered to check one thing or another and was not near my car to see the stickers, I would forget it by the time I was near the car again. This app puts everything at your fingertips, and even alerts you when something is due, including manufacturer recalls!

Скачать CARFAX Car Care бесплатно для iPhone и iPad

Чтобы загрузить файлы IPA, выполните следующие действия.

Шаг 1. Загрузите приложение Apple Configurator 2 на свой Mac.

Обратите внимание, что вам потребуется установить macOS 10.15.6.

Шаг 2. Войдите в свою учетную запись Apple.

Теперь вам нужно подключить iPhone к Mac через USB-кабель и выбрать папку назначения.

Шаг 3: Загрузите файл CARFAX Car Care IPA.

Теперь вы можете получить доступ к нужному файлу IPA в папке назначения.

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