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NFT Marketplace, Maker: Sticky

Make NFT Digital Collectibles

Best NFT App: NFT game, NFT drops, NFT trading and NFT maker - all in one!

NFT Marketplace, Maker: Sticky для iPhone — это графика игра специально разработан, чтобы быть полнофункциональным дизайн игра.

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- Best NFT App: NFT game, NFT drops, NFT trading and NFT maker - all in one!
- Exclusive NFT Collectibles you can only find here! Nowhere else - not OpenSea, not Veve. Just here on Sticky. Stay tuned for the NFT drops!
- Buy NFTs from just $1!
- The only 0% Commission Virtual Collectible / NFT Marketplace! No fee on your NFT buys.
- Pro NFT Art Maker: make your art, set prices & quantities & mint! Earn Real Money from your original creations!
- Try the NFT Maker Free: make up to 30 NFTs with the Free Trial to our Mint Pass
- Make NFTs of anything: Art, Avatars, Game Characters & Items, Trading Cards, Videos, Memes, Selfies, Stickers & More!
- Create, Mint, Sell, Buy, Collect, Trade and Play with Virtual Collectibles / NFTs!
- The Best NFT Game: Grow your Coin & NFT Wallet! Buy items and characters for upcoming NFT Games.
- Easy, Fast, Safe & Fun: buy in-app; no cryptocurrency / crypto wallet connection required. No scams, bots or misterious crashes on drops (like you-know-who)!
- Export to Polygon!

- If you are interested in NFT collecting on opensea, foundation, rarible, NFT games such as axie infinity, cryptokitties, sorare, sandbox and splinterlands, NFT collections such as BAYC - bored ape yacht club, cryptopunks, or trading card collecting and trading games such as veve, topps, topshot & quidd, you'll also love Sticky. It has NFTs you can't find anywhere else, and you can not just collect but also make & sell your very own NFTs.

- Although Sticky is easy & fun, NFTs on Sticky are real NFTs, so please take care when minting & buying!
- StickyCoins & NFTs available for purchase are on the Sticky ledger. After you purchase an NFT, you can then export it from the Sticky ledger to the Polygon blockchain (we are in the process of integrating other blockchains too - stay tuned!) and view it in third-party marketplaces and apps such as OpenSea. We are in the process of enabling NFT transfers to third party wallets.
- Sticky offers NFTs as collectibles, not as securities, convertible currencies, or investments.
- Sticky allows users to create and publish their own NFTs. We strive to keep the community safe, but if you do see inappropriate content, please report it via the in-app features and we will take action within 24h. Publication of inappropriate content or abusive behavior is not tolerated and will result in ejection from the platform.
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- Terms of Use:

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Daily International Ltd. приложил усилия и разработал сложную игры рограммное обеспечение. Что делает его успешным? Это очень легко использовать для такого твердого графика игра со встроенным marketplace Особенности. Ну и как топовый игра с общим рейтингом 4.56 Я могу добавить только то, что говорят люди, которые пробовали это.

I love the app overall very easy to use. When will the update be when we are able to sell them and convert to money or wtv. I have loads and created some and are about to create some more. But I just need to know when the update will be
It would be cool if I could play for my membership in gold coins earned from NFTs. (If you found them of any value you should accept them as payment to show support for your own product) just my opinion..

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Чтобы загрузить файлы IPA, выполните следующие действия.

Шаг 1. Загрузите приложение Apple Configurator 2 на свой Mac.

Обратите внимание, что вам потребуется установить macOS 10.15.6.

Шаг 2. Войдите в свою учетную запись Apple.

Теперь вам нужно подключить iPhone к Mac через USB-кабель и выбрать папку назначения.

Шаг 3: Загрузите файл NFT Marketplace, Maker: Sticky IPA.

Теперь вы можете получить доступ к нужному файлу IPA в папке назначения.

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