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,100+ fun and visual instructional videos with test tips and memory tricks

SimpleNursing для iPhone — это образование приложение специально разработан, чтобы быть полнофункциональным медицина приложение.

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SimpleNursing is the most trusted resource for nursing students worldwide. Our NCLEX preparation technology and nursing concept video library provide test takers with the knowledge and resources critical for success. Don't trust your grades to outdated learning methods, join our family of over 1,000,000 nursing students earning a 96% pass rate and get the tools you need to be confident.

Our superior full-stack suite includes:
- 1,100+ fun and visual instructional videos with test tips and memory tricks
- 800+ pages of study guide & cheat sheets
- 4,000+ top-notch NCLEX-RN/PN style questions curated to reinforce your critical thinking skills
- Detailed answer rationales for every answer choice so you can master the concepts
- Detailed videos that breakdown the science and best strategy for each question
- Detailed images, graphics, and calculations that help visual learners
- Completely customizable exam template to focus on the topics you choose
- Track your performance with in-depth visual data analysis tools

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SimpleNursing видеообзоров

1. Fluid and Electrolytes Easy Memorization Tricks for Nursing NCLEX RN & LPN

2. NCLEX Question of the Week | Part 26

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