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,100+ fun and visual instructional videos with test tips and memory tricks

SimpleNursing для iPhone — это образование приложение специально разработан, чтобы быть полнофункциональным медицина приложение.

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SimpleNursing is the most trusted resource for nursing students worldwide. Our NCLEX preparation technology and nursing concept video library provide test takers with the knowledge and resources critical for success. Don't trust your grades to outdated learning methods, join our family of over 1,000,000 nursing students earning a 96% pass rate and get the tools you need to be confident.

Our superior full-stack suite includes:
- 1,100+ fun and visual instructional videos with test tips and memory tricks
- 800+ pages of study guide & cheat sheets
- 4,000+ top-notch NCLEX-RN/PN style questions curated to reinforce your critical thinking skills
- Detailed answer rationales for every answer choice so you can master the concepts
- Detailed videos that breakdown the science and best strategy for each question
- Detailed images, graphics, and calculations that help visual learners
- Completely customizable exam template to focus on the topics you choose
- Track your performance with in-depth visual data analysis tools

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SimpleNursing видеообзоров

1. Q & A Live and NEW 2023 NCLEX Updates with Nurse Mike !

2. What is Depression | Therapeutic Communication Nursing Full Lecture

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Smart Fit Investments, Inc приложил усилия и разработал сложную nursing рограммное обеспечение. Что делает его успешным? Это очень легко использовать для такого твердого образование приложение со встроенным school Особенности. Ну и как топовый приложение с общим рейтингом 4.37 Я могу добавить только то, что говорят люди, которые пробовали это.

Y’all, if you are struggling in nursing school, you are not alone! The nurses at Simple Nursing are here to save the day. My second term of nursing school, I had pharmacology. I had NO IDEA how to study for it. One of my classmates mentioned Simple Nursing to me. I started to watch their many and extremely helpful videos for not only pharm, but for many of the other classes and concepts in school. Simple Nursing has memory techniques that will actually have you smiling while taking an exam because 1) you remember, and 2) the tip/technique was funny! I bought the subscription that would last until after I graduated to also help me with the NCLEX. They have a wealth of knowledge that is very clearly shown through their videos, their quizzes and their review sheets. I just graduated nursing school and I have these amazing people to thank! I will be utilizing them to brush up on some things as I now study for the NCLEX. I highly recommend, and good luck to all of you! Thank you again, Simple Nursing Team :)
Simple Nursing has helped me to excel in my classes and learn beyond the course requirements! I was really struggling on a few Medical-Surgical topics before discovering Simple Nursing. After exhausting other resources with no success, I finally got my subscription, and it was one of the best decisions I've made throughout my academic career to date! Simple Nursing has made learning hard topics so simple and easy, and I will definitely be utilizing their videos and resources until the NCLEX and probably after! I definitely recommend Simple Nursing to anyone going through nursing school or preparing for the NCLEX. I promise you won't regret it!

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