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Veggly – Vegan Dating App

Find, chat, date vegs near you

Find nearby vegan and vegetarian singles for dating

Veggly – Vegan Dating App для iPhone — это образ жизни приложение специально разработан, чтобы быть полнофункциональным социальные сети приложение.

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It is so much better to date a person who thinks and eats like you. You can share meals in peace and have a good time, knowing that you agree on such important things as saving the animals, protecting the environment and living a healthy lifestyle. Relationships with non-vegetarians tend to always hit some obstacles that we believe can be avoided altogether, if you find the right vegetarian match. Tired of meeting someone in a restaurant and having to explain where you get your proteins from, or why cows and fishes are living beings just like dogs? Or maybe you simply want to meet like minded people to have a happy conversation or exchange vegan recipes. Either way, that's why we created Veggly! Find, match and chat with vegetarians and vegans near you!

How does Veggly work?
-Find nearby vegan and vegetarian singles for dating
-Mark people you liked (or hide the ones you didn’t)
-Have some real conversations with veggies you matched with using text or audio messages
- We hope you will meet your veg soul mate or at least some good friends

- Create a profile with your authentic pictures and tell people how long ago you have changed your lifestyle to kickstart a conversation
- Search based on diet, age, distance or scan through profiles who have been online recently
- We are open to different types of vegetarians (raw vegan, keto vegetarian etc.) and gender identities

A few testimonials
- “Our story started when both of us started to scroll through Veggly. Both of us realized that the vegan dating pool is very small and we definitely didn’t expect things to turn out this well. Finding someone who is vegan is great but it obviously takes much more to fall in love and to build a good relationship. From the moment we started talking we realized how many things we have in common and how many shared interests we have.” - Charity and Joe, from Holland and the UK
- “I’ve never had any good experiences with dating apps before but I decided to give Veggly a try. It stood out from the other apps because it was made for the vegan and vegetarian community. It was a much better experience than I could have imagined. I was pleased to see that I already have at least one core value in common with everyone on the app, which is more than what most apps currently have to offer. I’ve met my boyfriend through Veggly so I have them to thank for giving us the chance to meet, for me to fall so hopelessly and madly in love with him. I would definitely recommend Veggly if you are vegan, vegetarian, or plant based. Everyone needs to eat to live and dating is a much better experience when you can agree on something you need to do every day.” - Victoria, from Canada
- “I’ve been a member of the app since the early stages, and in fact, recently I met my current partner through the app! We clicked right away; we chatted and had video dates for about a month. I was traveling across the country in my self-converted van at that time, and for our first date he drove thousands of miles to meet me in Wyoming, then we traveled for about 5 weeks together! Crazy story but I think that only happened because we met through this app.” - UX Designer, from San Francisco
- “When I decided to stop eating meat I didn’t know many veg people who I could ask questions to. I decided to download Veggly to chat and look for a veg nutritionist referral (yes, I had that goal hahaha). I ended up meeting a guy who lived 4 blocks from my house, we started talking and we have been together for almost a year now! I never thought I would meet someone nice on a dating app because of my prejudice, but now I’m dating a nice vegan guy! So the tip of the day is this: download Veggly! Even if you can’t find “the one”, there are plenty of nice people to meet and chat with!” - Chemist, from Brazil

Available for premium users
- Ads-free
- Monthly Super Likes
- Teleportation to any city in the world
- See who liked you
- Reading confirmation

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