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Yokara для iPhone — это развлечение приложение специально разработан, чтобы быть полнофункциональным музыка приложение.

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Let’s start singing karaoke online and recording professional songs!

With over 2 million users worldwide, the leading online karaoke and recording application allows you to freely select songs from all genres that you enjoy.
Create your own recordings on other social networks like Facebook, Zalo and Tiktok.
Yokara is a free karaoke app that allows you to record quality karaoke songs with your first style video recordings.

You can do the following in just one simple step:

Record songs with a studio-quality sound.
You will no longer have to be concerned about sound quality when recording yourself. Yokara provides a high-quality studio with unique sound effects that are difficult to find in other apps.

Autotune, noise filter, echo, reverb, bass, treble, equalizer, and other sound effects will improve your voice and make your recording more professional.

Discover a massive and one-of-a-kind music store.

It will meet your karaoke needs with a lively and easy-to-find karaoke screen and songs rich in genres that are constantly updated from the YouTube platform. Son Tung M-TP, Hoang Dung, Le Bao Binh, Jack, Erik, An Duy, Hoai Lam, HuyR, Duc Phuc, Binz, Doan Hieu and others have current hit songs.

Sing your favorite songs with your friends.

It's easy to invite your friends, no matter how far apart they are, to duet and create unique recordings.

Livestream room - make friends and share with the community who are passionate about singing
Now you can create your livestream room to make friends, interact directly with ones and perform your chosen activity. At the same time, you can send gifts to everyone who is following in the gift basket that you like.
Try on the music chart
The charts of recordings and vocalists are updated on a daily basis to make it easier for you to keep track of your ranks.
Views, likes, comments, gifts, and shares will be used to score recordings. The winner of the day's highest overall score will get enticing prizes and will be listed among the top singers and records on the chart.

Yokara also provides you with the following:
By messaging, you can have a private online chat space with your friends.
Share, download your free songs to your phone so you can listen to your recordings or show them to your friends on other social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, and Tiktok.
Easily search for your favorite karaoke songs in your favorites on the app.
Using the Find Friends function, you can find friends with similar interests in your area and make new friends online.
Listen to your karaoke recorded songs again after they've been released; your songs will be saved on your personal page, and you can go there to listen to them again.
Share your photos with friends to easily communicate and make friends together.
The rank rating represents a user's "attachment" to Yokara. Newcomers to yokara will begin at level 1 and gradually advance based on user engagement. The higher the rank, the higher the score will be each time they listen to and like their comments on their own or other people's recordings.

With a great experience, I hope you will be able to create your own free recording songs, make online friends, and achieve high rankings on the charts with Yokara.

Get started today with “Yokara - Sing karaoke and record online”.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hat.Karaoke.Page

Website: http://www.yokara.com

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Yokara видеообзоров

1. Yokara-Hướng dẫn hát và thu âm chuyên nghiệp trên điện thoại bằng phần mềm yokara

2. Yokara lừa đảo

Скачать Yokara бесплатно для iPhone и iPad

Чтобы загрузить файлы IPA, выполните следующие действия.

Шаг 1. Загрузите приложение Apple Configurator 2 на свой Mac.

Обратите внимание, что вам потребуется установить macOS 10.15.6.

Шаг 2. Войдите в свою учетную запись Apple.

Теперь вам нужно подключить iPhone к Mac через USB-кабель и выбрать папку назначения.

Шаг 3: Загрузите файл Yokara IPA.

Теперь вы можете получить доступ к нужному файлу IPA в папке назначения.

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