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#1 Gen Z Fitness App Motivating Home & Ab Workouts

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Get fit and feel confident with Steppen - The #1 Health & Fitness App For Gen Z!

Designed to help you smash your fitness goal by creating healthy simple fitness habits.

Steppen is re-imagining fitness for Gen Z, making it relevant, enjoyable and a successful experience.

As Gen Z, we understand the challenge of affording costly subscriptions. That's why Steppen offers affordable pricing options that allow you to achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing other expenses you value.

We know working out can be hard, intimidating, and downright scary for young people, that’s why we built Steppen!

Steppen offers an interactive and immersive personalized fitness experience which keeps you motivated and tracking towards your goal every day.

Let’s dive in further to share what we have to offer!


Discover the perfect workouts and programs for you, no matter your goal, focus, body type, experience level and gender. With a diverse range of at-home and gym workouts, even Pilates and Yoga workouts, there’s something just for you. With over 100,000 workouts completed on Steppen, we know what a great self-guided workout looks like.


Every active day is a step towards your goal and can be tracked on Steppen with your interactive calendar. Simply indicate if today you did a workout, had a light activity or it was a rest day. Each day you record your activity will grow your streak. You can schedule future activities and record workouts you might have done off the app too.


If you’re not really sure what to do, try one of our 4 custom 7 day journeys. These journeys guide you on what workouts to do each day, how to stay motivated and what progress you should keep track of. Pick the journey suited most for your goal.


Turn on your motivation and unlock a daily motivational message, video or song to keep you inspired on your journey every single day.

Discover an array of handpicked meals and recipes tailored to meet your specific goals. From nourishing post-workout snacks to satisfying light meals and speedy lunches, our curated selection offers hundreds of options to suit your needs.

Connect with a personal coach who will readily address any fitness-related inquiries you may have. Receive prompt responses and customized guidance as you strive towards your health and wellness objectives.

Effortlessly monitor the calories you expend during exercise. Even if you log activities manually, our platform accurately tracks the calories you burn, so remember to input your workouts. To disable calorie tracking, adjust your settings as desired. Please note that we do not provide calorie intake tracking as we aim to promote a healthy and positive relationship with food and weight for our valued users.


Keep track of your progress towards your goal in the best ways. Take sweaty selfies after each workout, track your mood, see how many calories you have burnt and the time, reps and sets you have smashed out in the week. There’s so much more to see for your progress and statistics on Steppen.


Track your workouts and earn awesome rewards as you progress. Enter the weekly challenge each week for your chance to win multiple $200 vouchers from your favourite brands.

Join over 400,000 members already on Steppen smashing their goals!

Steppen Team :)

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