Squishy Business икона

Squishy Business

Sumo and food-o and cat, oh my

Opening a restaurant and feeding your portly patrons

Squishy Business для iPhone — это игры игра специально разработан, чтобы быть полнофункциональным семейные игра.

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A stray sumo follows you home one day...
The poor guy's starving, but what can you do?

...Never fear! Your pet cat's here!

Here's his plan:
Open a restaurant for all sumo everywhere!

【Game Summary】
This charming, addictive title will have you:

・Opening a restaurant and feeding your portly patrons
・Buying squishy cushions, holiday hammocks, and other items to keep the sumo satisfied
・Going bigger and bolder as you remodel and landscape the premises
・Enticing a wacky, unique cast of characters to come eat (spawn rates vary by item!)
・Achieving goals to unlock cute and colorful manga-style story scenes
・Learning more about the deeply traditional world of sumo

Please note that game data cannot be transferred between devices.

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Squishy Business Геймплей и видеообзоров

1. Squishy Business Android Gameplay

2. Starting a new squishy business!

Это хорошо?

HARAPECORPORATION Inc. приложил усилия и разработал сложную squishy рограммное обеспечение. Что делает его успешным? Это очень легко использовать для такого твердого игры игра со встроенным бизнес Особенности. Ну и как топовый игра с общим рейтингом 4.81 Я могу добавить только то, что говорят люди, которые пробовали это.

Squishy restaurant is such an adorable and relaxing game! Why you may ask? I loved the animation and the way they drew the characters they are all cute in their own ways. It also let me experience different decorations for the restaurant plus there’s a story!! It rlly helps me understand what was going on. This game also is similar to animal restaurant which is a game that’s also very relaxing, everyday when I come home from school I am stressed because of homework and studies for up coming tests:( but when I want my mind relaxed I hop in one of the two game and play with satisfaction! I try not to get distracted by the game and remember to do my work! That’s why I love IT 🥰
I really love this game I got it yesterday and according to my phone I have spent a little over 2 hours on it. I think all the characters are just the cutest things ever and I love the concept of the game. I just think it would be better if there were more characters to unlock and more items to buy and maybe more expansion. Like I said I have only been playing a few hours (last night and today) but I’m already almost unlocked everything. I just really wish there was more so I can continue playing and unlocking things. Thanks.

Скачать Squishy Business бесплатно для iPhone и iPad

Чтобы загрузить файлы IPA, выполните следующие действия.

Шаг 1. Загрузите приложение Apple Configurator 2 на свой Mac.

Обратите внимание, что вам потребуется установить macOS 10.15.6.

Шаг 2. Войдите в свою учетную запись Apple.

Теперь вам нужно подключить iPhone к Mac через USB-кабель и выбрать папку назначения.

Шаг 3: Загрузите файл Squishy Business IPA.

Теперь вы можете получить доступ к нужному файлу IPA в папке назначения.

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