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IPv6 Query

by InfinityCG
Found in: Utilities, Productivity

IPv6 Query is one of the very first iPhone applications that can resolve IPv6 Addresses.  Because the high level iPhone SDK classes provided by Apple do not support IP version 6, they can not... more


by Lamplight Properties
Found in: Productivity, Utilities

NextMeeting is a Google Calendar viewer and query tool for upcoming meetings. NextMeeting uses the main Settings page. Press Home on your device then Settings icon, just like Date and Time... more

Message Impact

Found in: Utilities, Lifestyle

If you send the message to your friends and your partner, you can display the message like a telop. It is useful to send the message from a distance, because people would watch it clearly. ... more

Translate Professional

by Traduko AB
Found in: Reference, Utilities

Translate Professional - the only translation tool you’ll ever need. Great for travel, school work and everyday translation. • Translate text between more than 50 languages in an instant. •... more

Emergency Code Blue

by Anthony Rappa
Found in: Medical, Utilities

Code Blue is an application designed for Basic or Advanced life support personnel that provide prehospital care in an emergency Cardiac Arrest situation. The application keeps track of whats given... more

RainBarrel Philly

by Jason Marziani
Found in: Weather, Utilities

RainBarrel Philly RainBarrel shows you the likelihood of precipitation in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region based on historical weather data collected over the past 100 years. You can use... more

Mobile Mouse Remote & Trackpad App (Free)

by RPA Tech, INC
Found in: Utilities, Productivity

Mobile Mouse instantly transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a free in-air, wireless remote and mouse for your computer! Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music ... more

The Restaurant Chooser

by PowerJab LLC
Found in: Productivity, Utilities

If you eat out a lot, and have favorite restaurants you frequent, this app is for you. If you're eating in a group, and different people want to eat at different places, let the impartial Restaurant ... more

Trap a Thief : Credit Cards Trap

by Nuvus Software LLC
Found in: Utilities

Credit Cards Trap can track down your iPhone if it is stolen. If stolen and the thief tries to go through your device, he will find this icon saying CREDIT CARDS staring at him. If he means evil... more

Fake Radio

by mura pi
Found in: Music, Utilities

This is a music player app that allows you to use the cheap sound of the iPhone’s built-in speakers to replay music and podcasts with an interface that gives off the feel of a portable... more

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