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by William Ames
Found in: Utilities, Productivity

This test tone generator produces test tones over the range of the iPhone: 20Hz to 20kHz. Choose any frequency in that range, and a waveform (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth). Choose any frequency ... more

Cat Guide

by Wavefront International
Found in: Utilities, Reference

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?" -- Charles Dickens * VERSATILE * INFORMATIVE * VERY SIMPLE TO USE That's what the CAT BREED REFERENCE GUIDE for the iPhone/iPod touch is all... more

Mirror Mirror (FREE)

by U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc.
Found in: Utilities, Lifestyle

At last! A versatile and FREE mirror application. There is no app that can reproduce the reflective surface of a mirror but that doesn't stop people from making them and selling them. This one is... more

CandyClock - A Video Clock

by Brian Semiglia
Found in: Lifestyle, Utilities

CandyClock is a simple alarm clock app that displays the time with eye-pleasing, tranquil, ambient video backgrounds. It comes with 10 different never-ending videos of various hypnotic happenings.... more


by Kyle Hankinson
Found in: Photography, Utilities

Ever taken a picture with your iPhone/iTouch and have it appear in portrait mode when you wanted landscape? iRotate will allow you to rotate and/or flip your images to the proper orientation.... more

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

by Northcube AB
Found in: Health & Fitness, Utilities

Waking up made easy. An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. Sleep Cycle helps... more

iPortScan PRO - Port Scanner Portscan Portscanner Network Tool

by Whiteside Solutions, LLC
Found in: Utilities, Productivity

iPortScan PRO is a port scanner for your IPhone or IPodTouch. It does not feature any network discovery; however, this tool is useful for sysadmins checking what services are listening on a known... more


Found in: Entertainment, Utilities

This App teaches the way of selecting the numbers of Mega Millions. The way of selecting the numbers is very easy. You only push the red button to select numbers. Five numbers come out in the screen... more

Time 02 (Magnet)

by Alphabod
Found in: Utilities, Productivity

Time 02 (Magnet) is a great looking abstract clock. We love it and it needs to be seen in action to be fully appreciated. It displays a grid of 60 dots that correspond to 60 seconds and every second... more

Credit Tracker

by John Bloomfield
Found in: Finance, Utilities

Credit Tracker is an application which will keep tabs on all your credit card spending. If you like to clear all your credit cards each month, so as not to accrue interest, then this is the... more

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