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Are you stupid

by Liu Xubo
Found in: Games, Kids, Word, Entertainment

The most funny IQ quiz in the world. You can challenge it with your family. Only 1/1000 can past all the puzzle in the first time. Challenge it with your friend. See how much of your stupid. ... more

Guess Again

by Tim Watson
Found in: Games, Word

Player 1: It's two words, it's like Catch Phrase but for your iPhone and it's the best one out there. Teammate: Guess Again! Guess Again is the newest and most exciting word guessing game for... more


by Majesco Entertainment
Found in: Games, Board, Lifestyle, Word

Now on sale for $.99! Bananagrams explodes on the new iPad! Originally designed for iPhone and iPad Touch, Bananagrams looks amazing and plays great on the new iPad! Bananagrams rocks on... more

The Chat Test

by Contraptionz Games
Found in: Games, Family, Word, Social Networking

Just how good are you at chatting, messaging, IMing, SMSing? How fast are you -- and how well do you know your smileys and acronyms? How good are you compared to your friends, family and co-workers?... more

Buzzword Frenzy

by Adamant Ventures, LLC
Found in: Games, Family, Entertainment, Word

Fans of the game Catch-Phrase, Taboo, and other word games will love Buzzword Frenzy. Think of your favorite multi-player word games on STEROIDS. Whip out Buzzword Frenzy in any setting and watch a ... more

NYTimes Crossword - Daily Word Puzzle Game

by The New York Times Company (iDP)
Found in: Games, Word, Puzzle, Entertainment

The best crossword in the world is better than ever! Enjoy the same puzzles printed in the daily newspaper in the crossword app built by The New York Times. Start playing with unlimited access to... more

Phrase Party!

by logan sease
Found in: Games, Education, Trivia, Word

A simple but exciting game where you describe phrases that appear on screen to your teammate. When someone gets it right, pass it to the next player until the buzzer sounds and the person holding the ... more

Extreme Letters

by ILM Informatique
Found in: Games, Word, Entertainment

The eXtreme challenge. Place cascading letters and form the longest possible words to give yourself a chance to reach the high scores. This time the minimum length is 4 ! Words can be created... more

Wordly - More fun than your mother's word game

by Scopely - Top Free Apps and Games LLC
Found in: Games, Board, Education, Word

***** Welcome to the most addictive word game in the world! ***** Don’t believe us? These fictitious celebrity endorsements will convince you! ***** “Even though I make about eleven movies a... more

What's the Saying? ~ guess the little pic riddles for each word phrase and rebus puzzle!

by Candywriter, LLC
Found in: Games, Puzzle, Word

Know your catchphrases? Can you beat all 600 brain-tickling rebus puzzles in What's the Saying?... more

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