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Shooting Strike: Special Force

Found in: Games, Action, Word, Entertainment

Terrorists and evil business tycoons have some deep roots now in various Middle East and other regions and if they are not stopped and uprooted right now, the terrorist activity would increase with... more

Square Match Link

by stephen green
Found in: Games, Word, Puzzle

The best brain teaser game for brain puzzles fans. In this simple yet addictive puzzle game,tap the block and connect matching color blocks to create a line,Gain the goal to pass the level.Complete ... more

وصلة 2018

by mohamed nouani
Found in: Games, Entertainment, Word, Board

لعبة وصلة 2018 هي لعبة وصلة كلمات متقاطعة شيقة جدا، تتميز عن غيرها من العاب الكلمات المتقاطعة وصلة من حيث الشكل... more

Word Bakery

by Investable Games Technology, Inc.
Found in: Games, Word

Form words out of pastries from our bakery! You'll be amazed at how many words you can form out of 2, 3, 4, or more letters! You'll learn words that you never knew existed in this fantastically... more

Stupid Test! How Smart Are You

by DH3 Games Ltd
Found in: Games, Word, Trivia, Entertainment

Want to prove just how smart you are and prove you are not stupid? If you are this is the perfect app for you. Take the stupid test today out just how smart you are? Prove to your friends that you... more

Word U

by iWin, Inc.
Found in: Games, Word, Entertainment, Puzzle

Prepare for some letter swapping, word boggling, puzzling fun as you “graduate” from the most elite universities in the land. Word U is a fun, new, letter twisting, word puzzler. See how many... more

2 pics 1 word - Pictogram

by Diana Chu
Found in: Games, Entertainment, Trivia, Word

Guess the compound word from 2 pics. Combine the pics of a Pea and a Pole to get People. Some are easy while some other will trick your mind. Are you a true fan of guessing pics? Try to guess them... more


by Mieko Sasaki
Found in: Education, Word, Games

This may not be a so called flashcard because it does not use images. The originality of this flashcard is that you answer with your voice. The correct answer is not chosen among several candidates... more

Validador Palabras de SCRABBLE

by Fabien Maurice
Found in: Games, Word

Características: - Federación Internacional de Scrabble® (2009) - Definiciones de palabras - Temporizador (con alarma) - Funciona sin conexión... more

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